Global Age & New Laws

The hyper accelerated world has changed in every aspect impacting everything around our work and lifestyles. So how has this ‘global age’ created its own new global age laws of business expansion and how do they apply to our new existence?

Laws of Global Age Universality

E­commerce has matured and become the unimaginable monster size marketplace for each and every business and person on this planet. Imagine walking into a very large mall and now reimagine walking into a mall the size of a city, never mind an entire country. To appreciate it powers just study the numbers of transactions in any or your own business sectors. It’s mind blowing. The mega platforms of ecommerce are free, with instant access and global reach; never in the history was such power so freely available to so many people round the clock.

Laws of Global Age Universality: Anything online anywhere in the world will impact everyone online anywhere in the world.

What does this mean to every marketing idea on this planet? How are you calibrating for these realities to your own challenges? How fast are you exploring unlimited new markets? How will you turn your opportunity losses into powerhouse profit centers?

Laws of Global Age Image Dilemma

Every business has a name identity and but NOT all name identities are workable on new global stage. Reasons for being too long, too short, translations, connotations, meanings or perception issues. There are most often far too many sounds alike or identical names in the marketplace etc. No matter what a corporate name identity is it’s the single most important component of the business empire and often responsible for its image and sales performance success. Bad names hurt organizations very quietly and bleed the profits slowly. Good names on the other hands are very unique, distinct, powerful, iconic and globally recognized and respected. Only less than 1% very lucky business names fall in this category, but why? Discover the truth as without it there never will be an answer.

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