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To avoid mounting political risks in the USA as we move toward a key election, buy blue-chip foreign stocks. Go global. One reason is the fluffy quality of many high-rise US tech stocks, even after correction has begun. But political risks outweigh market ones.

If the US Attorney-General charges state and local government officials, Democrats all, for sedition, our US liberty is at risk. If postal voting in a pandemic period is considered a way to fiddle election results by the Occupied White House, our ability to vote out incompetent or divisive leaders is cut. If paranoia afflicts White House officials, they need psychiatric help. If our president listens to a woman discussing cancer cure hopes and responds that a vaccine would be great, I question whether he is all there just as he argues that his rival is losing it. If schemes to boost the economy with a payroll tax holiday go ugly, we need to focus on the alliance between anti-spend business-booster Republicans and the Administration. If aid programs are looted we need to lock up the looters and banksters.

Overshadowing all this is erratic US foreign policy vis-à-vis China, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, Brazil, Saudi Arabia. Consider the mindless Trump statements pooh-poohing visible climate change disasters, police abuse of Black Americans, and lest we forget, the corona-virus. I leave it to the White House to set US policy on TikTok but not on We Chat. And not on vaccines, climate change, or the Four Freedoms celebrated in the FDR garden on Roosevelt Island see from my apartment window (also visible from east-facing Trump Tower ones.)

Today we got modestly upbeat jobless numbers, 860,000 new applicants in August, vs 875,000 forecast. This is like a rounding error and markets are not making much of it. More for paid subscribers follows with a report on our latest buy's unsuspected assets, discovered by Harry Geisel and confirmed by Chris Loew in Japan. US markets fell hard but there was scattered recovery after lunch.

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