Friday Trades And June Summary

I made three moves Friday afternoon.

I had a couple of “melt-up” plays in double leveraged instruments.  Expecting tech and biotech to soar as the markets ran away, I took about 7,500 in position size in both ETFs ROM and BIB on 3MAY2021.  I sold those today for 2,772 in gains.  I am probably selling “too early” but want to raise cash for a 50%+ correction in the next couple years. Could be Monday?

I also have a position in Biogen Idec (BIIB).  I bought a bull call spread thinking the approval of its Alzheimer’s drug would cause the stock to slowly climb. Instead, the approval became controversial and the stock has tanked since the initial approval spike.  That position is now 16% out of the money with two weeks left to trade.  I sold 11 of 18 spreads today for 9 cents apiece.  I booked 2,816 in losses or 96.7%.  I still have seven spreads to try to unload on Monday.  If today were the third Friday expiry, closing of all my remaining open positions for July would result in 3,243 in realized profit for the month.

Much better than last month.  I can probably squeeze another 60 bucks or so of recovery out of the remaining 7 BIIB spreads.  I am also hopeful that CCI will rally 1.56% or more in the remaining two weeks.  That would bring my profit for the month to 8,787.  With the market in a strong uptrend and new highs being hit daily, it is a real possibility.


I was up about 13K for the month of June.


Wells Fargo (taxable): This finished the month up 156 dollars at 23,211.  The gain is 0.68% on the month and 9.49% gain year to date. This account also produces $137 in monthly distributions, which sweep to my checking.  I’ll be looking for more Closed End Funds to buy in that account as funds are available.

Interactive Brokers (taxable): This is up 1,503 on the month to 180,614 which is good for a 0.84% monthly gain.  Year to date, I am up here by 1.69%.

Interactive Brokers (tIRA): This account is up 11,956 on the month to 146,556. The monthly gain is 8.88% and the year to date gain is 20.37%.  I have pivoted in this account for insurance centric to small cap investing.

Interactive Brokers (Roth): This is up 629 dollars to 10,318.  The monthly gain is 6.49%,  and the year to date gain is 30.05%.  I no longer expect to make a Roth conversion this year as my side gig should produce enough income by year end to qualify me for ACA (Obamacare) subsidy.

HSA: This account is down 541 on the period to 13,242. That is a move of -3.92% on the month and 6.69% gain on the year.  I now expect to make a tax advantaged HSA contribution this year.

Checking: Cash is up to 10,532 from 9,401. That is a 12.03% increase from last month and 35.6% gain year to date. Monthly withdrawals from the taxable brokerage are set at 1,800 a month, my new for 2021 target spending.

Crypto: I recently got started with Coinbase and BlockFI.  I earned $10 in free bitcoin for depositing and converting to coin $100.  I’ve earned an additional coin in CGLD, MKR, EOS, XLM, COMP, FIL, BAND, ALGO, NU and SKL for completing short educational videos at Coinbase.  (You can do the same at the following affiliate link:  If you do so, you will earn $10 in free Bitcoin for depositing at least $100 and I will earn the same bonus. ) (Much appreciated).  I have added about 700 dollars in new money to an ETH/GOVI liquidity pool and another 700 to DEGEN.  I think everyone should have a small (not large!) amount of crypto currency as a hedge.  This account is down 2,052 on the month to 16,352, a loss of 11.15% and year to date gain of 111.56%.

Total investable assets come to $400,825 up 3.29% from $388,042 last month and up $44,533 year to date or 12.56%.


Home: paid

Car: paid

Income tax: I have a $5,382 tax asset.   If my side gig goes as expected, I will need to make new contributions as I will paid via 1099.


I have increased my budget to 1,800 a month.  I am going to calculate my withdrawal rate against (21,600) going forward. Against a liquid net worth of 400,825 that is a withdrawal rate of 5.39%. I closed several options trades for a net gain of $203 during the month of June and am pacing 127.5% of 21,600 from options trades year to date. Additionally, my income centric approach to investing includes 9,834 in expected distributions, dividends, and interest for the year or an additional 45.53% of the new budget. Total budget for the year was covered by 172.99%. This should more than cover my spending for the year.  Trading performance has been very good year to date.


Spending was 1,112 for the month, which is well below the 1,800 target.  I have increased the budget to 1,800 a month withdrawals from taxable starting with the January withdrawal.  I had thought I needed to tighten my belt but I made it by just fine.


I picked up 150 dollars from my efforts on the local Water Board.  This plus cash swept from taxable brokerage accounts come to $2,076 on the month.  I think I can reasonably keep up a $2,000/month pace.  I have started a part time work from home side gig as an executive recruiter.  No placements/commissions yet but I have two candidates scheduled for final interviews.  Maybe July.

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