AI Surge Ending: Only One Category Was Up This Week

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An Introduction

Recent articles here have suggested that the AI sector was weakening, and that was clearly evident in the results of March and confirmed this week. The Global X Artificial Intelligence & Technology ETF (AIQ) of 91 constituents - which best reflects the AI sector as a whole - had gone up 8.4% in February but was only up 2.0% in March. This week, however, it was down 0.1%. On a specific category basis, while none of the 7 categories covered by went down in February, 3 did so in March and this week 6 of the 7 did so. This confirms my conclusion that the data clearly indicates that the surge in this sector is stalling or perhaps even over.

7 AI Categories Compared

Below is how each category performed this week in comparison to each other to help you make prudent investment decisions going forward. The categories are presented with data:

  • for this week, in descending order,
  • YTD to provide a short-term trend in each category,
  • along with a description of what makes up each category,
  • the stocks included in each category,
  • those stocks in each category that went up the most during the week, and the least
  • and commentary on those stocks that made significant moves this week, where available.
  1. AI-enabled Personal Computer Category: up 2.7% this week; up 19.8% YTD
    • Description: A computing revolution is beginning as a result of the introduction of neural processing units in the latest chip designs which will result in a coming decade of growth in PC upgrades and innovation. This portfolio tracks the stock performances of the companies that have introduced, or plan to introduce, AI-enabled PCs in 2024.
    • 4 Constituents: DELL (+16.3%), MSI (0.8%), HPQ (-3.6%) and LNVGY (-4.1%).
    • Article:
  2. Custom Design EDA Software Category: down 0.4% this week; up 6.6% YTD
    • Description: The stock prices of electronic design automation (EDA) software companies creating custom designed chips is set to take off given a projected 11% CAGR in the category between now and 2028. This portfolio tracks the stock price changes of 3 companies in this category.
    •  3 Constituents: SNPS (+0.7%) which is acquiring ANSS, CDNS (-1.0%) and ANSS (-1.5%) .
    • Article:
  3. Semiconductor (Chip) Category: down 0.7% this week; up 24.7% YTD
  4. Cloud Computing Software Category: down 2.1% this week; up 3.0% YTD
  5. Quantum Computing Category: down 2.3% this week; up 6.1% YTD
  6. Cybersecurity Software Category: down 2.4% this week; up 1.8% YTD
  7. AI-Powered Drug Discovery Category: down 6.3% this week; up 15.2% YTD

The AIQ Global X Artificial Intelligence & Technology ETF (AIQ) of 91 constituents went down 0.1% this week but is still up 8.8% YTD.

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