U.S. Hyperinflation Unmasked: BoA Sees ‘Transitory Hyper-Inflation’ Coming

U.S. Hyperinflation Unmasked: BoA Sees ‘Transitory Hyper-inflation’ Coming

This week we witnessed something unprecedented in the media. A Big Bank used the “h” word. More on this later.

For months, Dynamic Wealth Research has been warning of the imminent risk of U.S. hyperinflation. That was not a “prediction”.

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Predictions imply an element of uncertainty. And there was never anything uncertain about this.

To understand this reality, it’s first necessary to obtain a proper understanding of inflation.

Creation of the hyperinflation time-bomb

What uneducated media drones, deceitful central bankers, and intellectually lazy economists call “inflation” is actually price inflation. It is the consequence of actual inflation.

The correct economic definition of “inflation” is to increase (or inflate) the supply of money. Here it has been obvious for many years that Western central banks – and the Federal Reserve in particular – have been on a hyperinflationary trajectory.

Behold the first hyperinflationary money-printing binge from the Fed, courtesy of monetary psychopath, B.S. Bernanke.

Look at the stability of the U.S. money supply, decade after decade, until the Fed-heads of the modern era (beginning with Alan Greenspan) began going berserk with their currency creation.

Now, look at the second hyperinflationary money-printing binge from Jerome I-wouldn’t-recognize-inflation-if-I-saw-it Powell. It has dwarfed Bernanke’s (and Greenspan’s) own monetary extremism.

Thanks to the magnitude of Powell’s folly and years of the Fed aggressively ‘massaging’ this chart, you can’t even see the vertical spike in money-printing that Bernanke started in 2009.

Many people were “predicting” U.S. hyperinflation (including myself) at the time of Bernanke’s hyperinflationary currency creation. Today, we are reporting on Jerome Powell’s hyperinflation.

Detonation of the hyperinflation time-bomb

Now this hyperinflation has been publicly unmasked – via a new report from Bank of America.

“On an absolute basis [corporate] mentions [of inflation] skyrocketed to near-record highs from 2011, pointing to at the very least, “transitory” hyper-inflation ahead.” [emphasis mine]

Here, obviously, the reference to “hyper-inflation” is meaning price inflation: hyperinflationary price increases.

Why have “mentions” of inflation in corporate boardrooms increased by 800% y-o-y? Two reasons.

  1. More and more people understand the significance of the two vertical lines above.
  2. Asset price inflation: soaring real estate prices, soaring food prices, soaring stock prices, soaring bond prices, soaring steel prices, soaring lumber prices, a nine-year high in the commodities index.
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William K. 1 month ago Member's comment

Thanks for stating what has been obvious to me for many years, ever since I had some money to save, long before I was aware of investments. Now, given that the drivers of inflation were fully aware of it, my question is "what was the motivation?" Who was on the benefit side of the plot? It is difficult to imagine that it was not obvious to others as to what was happening, it was certainly clear to me, (an engineer, not a financial type), and so once again I ask "why?" Was it only for the purpose of enriching a few? If so, then perhaps it is time for the correction process to begin. And thanks for the rather disturbing article!