A Postcard From The Bunker

Hunkered Down

As I write this post I am hunkered down in the Kort family bunker, deep below the towering McMansions of Leawood, Kansas. Present are my wife, daughter and granddaughter and a fair supply of provisions, including toilet paper. We are some of the lucky ones.

My tongue-in-cheek intro does absolutely not mean to minimize the health threat among us. It is serious, and it is causing and will be causing a tremendous short-term disruption to our lives and economy.

Nonetheless these are panic times in our economy. The market and the super-market aisle are stark evidence of this ( especially recent runs on TP and hand sanitizer). In times like these it is always good to step back and try to get a perspective on what things might look like down the road after the storm passes. My sense is, through this lens, you may see that some tremendous values have been created. The only question is, “when do you seize them?”

The Media Is Not your Friend

The media will not be your friend in this quest, especially in times like this, because they know one thing for certain, “if it bleeds it leads.” It is not about an unvarnished, non-editorialized presentation of known facts. It’s about opinion, speculation and hyperbole (mainly negative) … all designed to reel you in and glue you to the tube, favorite website or newspaper.

CNBC is adept at this. Here is an item they dropped on us during the middle of this morning’s panicky trading: “Bill Ackman advises Trump to shut down US, says market … ” “‘Hell is coming’ — Bill Ackman has dire warning for Trump … “

Contrary to Mr. Ackman’s alarming rhetoric, I might point out that it would appear state and local governments, on their own initiative, have already been taking strong precautions for last two weeks without federal government guidance. The streets in opulent Leawood are empty, shops are closed and people are sheltering in self-quarantine, only to venture out to the local grocery or pharmacy. Restaurants are operating with limited carry-out menus. Life has changed for a while but it is not the end of life as we know it.

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Andrew Armstrong 1 year ago Member's comment

Fox news has not been our friends. For months they said Covid19 was a hoax and overblown for political purposes. They literally told us to go and travel!

Bill Kort 1 year ago Author's comment

Andrew they have never ever been our friend.Thank you Roger Ailes wherever you are.

Anastasija Janevska 1 year ago Member's comment

That can't be true. That would be criminal of them!

Bill Kort 1 year ago Author's comment

Not really. In our democracy it is up to all of us to be critical Thinkers. Buyer beware!The sad thing is that the commander in chief is wired into the Fox echo chamber. The echo chamber always agrees with the commander in chief.That’s why we are in the position we find ourselves at today. Critical thinkers have no place at this table.

Andrew Armstrong 1 year ago Member's comment

It's true. Saw it with my own eyes. But here's some video proof: