I Bought Cryptocurrencies

I did it. I finally dipped my toe into the cryptocurrency world. After reading, learning, watching and chatting with others who have already bought into the space I decided it was my turn to buy and average into several of these digital currencies.

As with any new venture there was a learning curve and after a lot of reading about the value of cryptocurrencies and whether they are in a bubble, are a currency, have any real value, etc. I came to the conclusion that this is something that is here to stay. While I may not be an early adopter, buying into these currencies today is still akin to the early stages of email and the Internet. Just watch the first minute of the video below and you’ll better understand why I finally decided to invest/speculate.

I truly feel that the cryptocurrency world is finally coming out of shadows and ever so slowly into the mainstream. There is a long, long, long road ahead before any of these currencies really hits a critical mass. I believe in the coming years we’ll see more applications developed to make buying, selling, trading and using these currencies a lot more easier. Cryptocurrencies today remind me of when I first went online in the early 90s as there was no such thing as a browser (at least a mainstream one). All online activities were text based till the Mosaic browser was introduced as “the world’s first popular browser.” Mosaic made an archaic personal computer easier and more functional to use as did the graphic user interface which gave a face to operating systems and made ‘point and click’ the defacto method for interfacing with computers. I really believe it’s just a matter of time before we look back and reflect on a world before cryptocurrencies existed. Just like we look back at a time before email, before the mainstream Internet, before Amazon, Google, Facebook, iPhones and the like, we’ll wonder how we ever got along without these electronic mediums of exchange. In the meantime, I do not plan to be a cryptocurrency trader. As with my dividend paying stocks I plan to buy and hold a portfolio of these digital currencies and stick to the mainstream names exclusively. With that being said, I used Coinbase (referral link) to make my first $150 total worth of purchases in each of the big three cryptocurrencies, BitcoinEthereum and Litecoin. As I stated in the beginning, I dipped my toe. I wanted to see how the process works, the ease of funding and buying with these accounts.

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Nelma Lumme 4 years ago Member's comment

I want to buy some cryptocurrency as well. Thanx a lot for sharing your experience, so now I know how I should act.

Keith Park 4 years ago Author's comment

Glad you enjoyed the post.