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Today I have good news and bad. The good news is that my nagging of the Barron's weekly editors about providing the prices of listed preferred stocks in has succeeded in their including it in the current issue. Listed prefs are a good alternative to bonds and other fixed income earners. So they listened to me and their own reporters—and noted that rival CNBC is already supplying daily on-line prices.

The bad news is that my wallet was stolen out of my backpack handbag on Saturday and I have lost all my ability to spend money using a credit card. I got a quick temporary driver's license by email for $17.50 provided by my husband's credit card. I also got a new corporate American Express card—beating all others. My personal and corporate bank cards are still in process. Social security will take until after Christmas.

The perp apparently emptied my backpack while I was sitting in the park. I had about $150 in bucks and sterling but he was not satisfied with that. I was informed that same day about the purchases attempted to buy $550 sneakers near Times Square, which failed for all 7 of the cards I carry. I am curious what the sneakers look like.On Sunday I visited my local precinct where I filed a report on what turns out to be grand larceny, and a detective told me they have a film of the miscreant from the shoe shoppe. I am terrified it will be someone I know. I also filed with a free service which protects ID.

So that is why this blog is not going out at the usual time. Hanging around on the telephone is boring but essential for this kind of mishap. I have just been called by my nearest supermarket where my wallet—without credit cards or cash—was “found.” So I will got and collect it next.

More about our companies follows, good and bad news. Wall Street is sharply down for the day but up in bubble territory for Nov. The price of Bitcoin went stratospheric at $198,000. Gold fell another half percent. This too shall pass.

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William K. 1 month ago Member's comment

I had a similar incident with my wallet a few years ago, it vanished in the crowd in Home Depot store, and was found, missing every bit of $250, a week later in a Meijers store that I never visit. And no attempts with the credit cards, partly because I stopped them just two hours after the incident.

Interesting news about the ups and downs of companies, and it is always a puzzle about Bitcoin which to me still seems a bit subversive from where I stand.

Susan Miller 1 month ago Member's comment

Oh Vivian, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. But thank goodness you are okay and it was nothing irreplaceable.