E Bitcoin And Beyond - Price Vs. Value

Always searching, always relentless in the quest for more, bigger, better, etc. It is a never-ending thirst that cannot be quenched; a hunger that cannot be satisfied.

Today's investor seems oblivious to whatever it was that brought us to this point in world civilization. Economic fundamentals have taken a back seat to fantasy and hyperbolae.

Case in point: Bitcoin.

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When fantasy takes hold, the sky is the limit. There is no logic to the price that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies command. The arguments made in favor of these supposed "monies of destiny" may sound plausible to some. But the expectations for price exceed all fathomable rationale.

The problem is that most investors today do not understand the difference between price and value. As much as this is true of investments in general, it is exceptionally true of Bitcoin.

What is the value of a Bitcoin? Is it the gold content of a single coin at the center of a labyrinth of computerized code? Or is it something else?

In order to determine a value for something, we must be able to define what it is we are valuing. For example, a share of stock in Amazon (or any other company) represents a proportionate ownership in a business operation.

Expectations for growth and profitable operation of the company are based on need and desire for the service and convenience that it offers to consumers. The more successful and profitable the company is in meeting those expectations, then the potential exists for its stock price to rise accordingly.

What is it that investors think they are purchasing when they invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? Some argue that Bitcoin is a new form of money, but that is not the case.

In order to be used as money, Bitcoin must be able to function as a medium of exchange and a measure of value.

"Bitcoin is a digital creation which has no value in and of itself. As such, it can never be used as a measure of value for anything else. Think of it this way: How many Bitcoins is your house worth? How many Bitcoins will your next car cost? If you can answer those questions without any calculations, you will know that Bitcoin has become 'a generally accepted form of money'." (see Does Bitcoin Have Value; Is It Money?)

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William K. 4 weeks ago Member's comment

I did like this article, and I agree that Bitcoin does not possess any intrinsic value, unlike gold, or even representative value, like dollars have. The llack of intrinsic value was first shown when folks could produce bitcoin by solving complex math puzzles.

The current high price is a tribute to very skillful marketing and emotion manipulation.