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Shorten Your Risk Exposure Time With Market Timing
Determining where to place your initial stop-loss can be difficult for most traders. Too close and you risk getting stopped out of a good trade. Too far and you risk losing more money if stopped out. Is there a way to avoid this?
Rally For Coffee? Cycles Suggest Very Likely
Coffee has been nicely following a predictable pattern. If the pattern is to hold, we should expect Coffee to be overall 'bullish' between now and 12/22.
Australian Dollar (Futures) Rally?
With all indications pointing to an oversold market, the Australian Dollar Futures may be ready for a rally towards Christmas.
E Time For A Crude Oil Correction?
The expectation is for Crude Oil to follow the anticipated cycle pattern and make a top, at least for the short-term, barring any major worldly event (like WW3, terrorist attack, etc.) that tends to exaggerate market moves.
E Canadian Dollar (USD/CAD): Short-Term Gains Expected
Indicators are pointing to a pullback in Canadian Dollar Futures. When translated to the Canadian Dollar Forex, look for a short-term rally as a cycle turn is now due.
E Sept. 2017 Silver Outlook
September Silver futures ended today as they started at the beginning of the week, on a positive note. Since making a bottom on July 10th,there has only been one negative closing day (July 12). Cycles suggest a setback.




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