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Dead Battery
Wall Street Wiz 1/10/2022 1:01:45 AM

How can you judge a business model as if it's dead that has bearly started? First of all the electric car penetration is around 3 %. It's easy to point and say.. "look no profit!" The market is just starting! Here is a the real beauty of a comment in this.. "charging for free at the Tesla superstation," There is about to be a huge amount of competitive electric cars coming from every major car maker and a few new ones as well. If you think the world is going to all drive Teslas, and charge for free, you seriously need to rethink this. If one car maker was what the world wanted, then you wouldn't see 100s of ICE models and many different makers today. And they'll all be 100s of different EVs soon enough. Charging will not be free for ever. That is pure energy. Even the $VLTA business model, though very smart, has only a limited amount of time free. Once EVs make a heavier penetration, and not a novelty, the ways to make money will be exploited to the fullest.

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