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S Up In Smoke: Cannabis In A Bear Market
Article By: Alan Sumler
Monday, June 20, 2022 8:25 AM EDT
The cannabis investor has no place to hide from current extreme market volatility. Is it time to dump all cannabis stocks and wait for legalization and for market sentiment to change?
Penny Stock Watchlist - Here Are My Five Top Picks
Article By: Money Morning
Thursday, February 17, 2022 6:54 AM EDT
If you got into Amazon at the start of 2021, by the end of 2021 you'd have made about 73% gains. Not bad for a year. It's impressive until you consider that one of these stocks made 258% gains in the first three weeks of 2021.
In this article: PROG, CTXR, SNDL, SKLZ, BBIG Also: AMZN
Sundial Growers Stock Forecast 2025: A Repeat 692% Gain?
Article By: Money Morning
Tuesday, August 31, 2021 5:47 AM EDT
Sundial Growers Inc. was the latest cannabis stock to go viral after Reddit traders caught wind of a potential catalyst earlier this year. Sundial stock jumped from $0.50 to near $4 in early February, about a 692% gain.
In this article: SNDL
3 Ultra-Popular Stocks To Avoid Like The Plague In August
Article By: StockNews
Saturday, August 7, 2021 5:14 PM EDT
While the major stock market indexes indicate bullish sentiment, not all popular stocks are good bets. Although the hype led to the skyrocketing rally of some stocks, their weak fundamentals could trigger a brutal decline in their share prices.
In this article: NIO, AMC, SNDL
Cannabis Stocks Tilray, Sundial Strike Major Gains Amid High Retail-Investor Interest
Article By: Benzinga
Thursday, June 3, 2021 5:42 AM EDT
Shares of Tilray Inc. and Sundial Growers Inc. recorded double-digit gains in Wednesday’s regular trading session amid high retail investor interest in the two Canada-based cannabis companies.
In this article: TLRY, SNDL Also: AMZN, GME, AMC, BE

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Up In Smoke: Cannabis In A Bear Market
Texan Hunter 6/23/2022 9:38:49 PM

Really? $SNDL is the only one I have invested in and I'll be making a fourth larger purchase after the RS situation is settled.

Up In Smoke: Cannabis In A Bear Market
Alexis Renault 6/20/2022 12:59:26 PM

Lorimer Wilson, James Coleman, what do you think of these 3 #potstocks? $XXII $SNDL $CLVR. Do you agree?

Up In Smoke: Cannabis In A Bear Market
Weed Investor 6/20/2022 12:43:20 PM

Thanks Alan Sumler. Nice to see some #cannabis bright spots here.  I especially like $SNDL.

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