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3 Solar Stocks To Avoid In August
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Saturday, August 7, 2021 8:00 AM EDT
While significant emphasis is being placed on almost all clean energy sources globally, the solar power segment is attracting much investor attention and capital investments.
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4 Clean Energy Stocks Set To Outperform Says Evercore ISI
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With Earth Day just around the proverbial corner, analysts at Evercore ISI initiated affirmative coverage on four clean energy stocks.
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4 Clean Energy Stocks Set To Outperform Says Evercore ISI
Barry Glassman 4/22/2021 10:45:27 PM

Sure. I actually just bought $RUN and $NOVA. Though looking at the broad market and futures, and after hours activity I'm deeply regretting it and mentally preparing myself for losing hundreds of dollars tomorrow.

$RUN has fallen below all of the major moving averages on the daily chart and as of today we have a death cross on the daily chart (50ma just touched the 200ma). On the weekly chart it fell below the 50ma (it's actually the only major solar stock that has), and on the monthly chart it looks to be falling towards the 20ma on that chart. If you do a fib. retracement of the bubble that formed over 2020, it looks like we are heading towards the 61.8% mark which is roughly $43. I see it heading there next, which means I better get out tomorrow otherwise I'll be down in the thousands.

I could be wrong of course, but I don't see any good indications and I am going to regret holding onto these shares when the morning comes and I'm down $500 or more.

4 Clean Energy Stocks Set To Outperform Says Evercore ISI
Barry Glassman 4/21/2021 7:46:35 PM

I'm actually holding $RUN and $NOVA shares that I just picked up, I'm probably going to get destroyed tomorrow for doing so. So I'm a little bitter.

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