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The Bullish Trend Continues - Sunday, Nov. 7
Seeking Alpha Reader 11/8/2021 1:23:00 AM

If someone is going to pay $700/pill for Pfizer's Covid Anti-Viral pill they'll want to be certain that they have Covid and not the flu. Chembio $CEMI has the dual Covid/flu test. Buy a few shares before the next p.r. doubles/triples the share price.

Bullish Outlook For Gold & Gold Stocks In 2022
Harry Sinclair 10/28/2021 4:54:09 PM

"Better then gold."  $CEMI. Chembio Diagnostics Substantially undervalued.

F.D.A. approval on its Covid/Flu test could happen at any time which will double/triple the share price. Last time it received approval on one of its tests, it traded over 600,000,000 shares in two days and hit $7.12 because the shorts had oversold it. Potential takeover target at $15+. Buy a few shares on before the next p.r. 

Markets Down - Where To Invest Now
Harry Goldstein 4/29/2020 1:34:47 AM

You are lucky to have bought $CEMI so early. Since I bought it, it's been down. Any idea why it has dropped so much from its recent high?

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