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"A Storm Waiting To Happen": The Average American's Power Bill Is About To Rise As Much As 30%
Article By: Tyler Durden
Saturday, July 4, 2020 6:45 PM EDT
With rising temperatures during what is expected to be a blistering summer, most consumers are about to face "sharp increases" in electric bills that could "drive some to the brink of financial ruin"
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Stocks We Like This Week
Video By: Robert Desmond
Sunday, May 10, 2020 12:08 PM EDT
This coming week we like certain technology stocks such as Slack, consumer stocks such as Beyond Meat and sectors such as the banks and utilities.
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Sayonara Closed Economy
Article By: Keith Schneider
Sunday, May 10, 2020 10:13 AM EDT
Oil and energy bounced off very depressed prices ignoring the weakness in the airlines and markets stayed focused on a gradual reopening of the economy.
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Depressionary Economy Vs. A Bull Market - Both Can’t Be Right
Article By: Lance Roberts
Saturday, May 9, 2020 6:04 PM EDT
There is currently a great divide happening between the near 'depressionary' economy versus a surging bull market in equities. Given the relationship between the two, they both can’t be right.
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Fill It Up, Please
Article By: Keith Schneider
Sunday, May 3, 2020 4:42 AM EDT
After devouring the bears this month (+13% on average), the bulls needed some Tums to digest overeating this week. What happens next seems to be a coin toss.
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The Next Energy Sector Collapse — Coming SOON…
David Moadel 8/12/2015 2:47:32 PM

Take a look at $XLU vs. $SCTY / $TAN now. How's your long solar / short XLU play working out for ya?

The Next Energy Sector Collapse — Coming SOON…
David Moadel 8/8/2015 4:12:43 PM

Take a look at the charts for $SCTY and $TAN... then compare to the chart of $XLU... it's a no-brainer. Go ahead and short $XLU -- I'll gladly take the other side of that trade.

The Next Energy Sector Collapse — Coming SOON…
David Moadel 8/8/2015 4:02:02 PM

Garbage article. "the gap between dividend yields and Treasuries have narrowed" So you would take $ZN_F 2.17% over $XLU 3.7%???

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