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Can The Bull Market Keep Running? What Might The Rest Of The Year Look Like?
Article By: Michele Schneider
Sunday, June 2, 2024 8:09 AM EDT
The month of May continued the bull market trajectory which started back in October 2022 and has now produced positive returns for 4 out of the first 5 months of 2024, a move not seen possible by many of Wall Street’s best and brightest analysts.
In this article: SPY, VUG, VTV Also: SPX
Is The Vanguard Value (VTV) ETF A Buy As The Rally Stalls?
Article By: Invezz
Tuesday, May 28, 2024 1:17 PM EDT
The fund could see some short-term volatility as it formed a double-top pattern.
In this article: VTV Also: SCHD, QQQ, SPY, DGRO
Regime Change?
Article By: Keith Schneider
Sunday, April 21, 2024 7:58 AM EDT
Considering that equity markets in the US got hit hard this week with the Nasdaq 100 giving up most of its gains for the year and now only up +1.25 % for the year, the question is what does that portend going forward?
In this article: DBA, GLD, VTV
5 ETF Zones To Keep Your Money Safe Amid Market Volatility
Article By: Sweta Killa
Monday, April 15, 2024 1:14 PM EDT
Here are five zones and their popular ETFs where investors could stash their money amid the current turbulence.
In this article: USMV, VIG, VTV, QUAL
Will Overheating Kill The Bull?
Video By: Chris Ciovacco
Saturday, April 13, 2024 12:20 AM EDT
In this week's video, we'll review the latest charts data sets, and studies to help us answer the question, will overheating kill the bull market?
In this video: IWM, SCHG, SPY, VTV, XLE, XLK, XLP, NDX, SPX, VIX

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