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ECB To End QE Sooner-Than-Expected: ETFs To Win
Article By: Zacks Investment Research
Sunday, March 13, 2022 4:00 PM EDT
The European Central Bank’s meeting gave hawkish signals. In the meeting, the ECB said that it will end its bond-buying program in the third quarter if economic data support the move. Against this backdrop, we highlight a few prospective ETF winners.
In this article: FXE, EUFN, FDD, EUSC
ECB Sounds The Alarm On Climate Risk For Banks
Article By: ING Economics
Friday, September 24, 2021 11:04 PM EDT
The results of the ECB's economy-wide climate stress test gives insight into the vulnerabilities of banks to climate risks via their exposure to non-financial companies.
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China: 2021 Financial Crisis Looming?
Article By: Candy Matheson
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 11:52 PM EDT
The GXC has fallen from a high of 156.29 to a low of 107.93...while the SSEC is still pushing up against its highs of this year.
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U.S. & Euro Financials Lagging Big Time. Should Stock Bulls Be Concerned?
Article By: Chris Kimble
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 11:56 AM EDT
Currently, XLF is lagging the S&P by more than 11% and EUFN is lagging the S&P by over 33%, since January of 2018.
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Financials About To Let Down The Bull Market Again
Article By: Chris Kimble
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 9:40 AM EDT
If the saying So Goes The Banks, So Goes The Broad Market is true, what message are we receiving when financials have lagged the broad market for over a year?
In this article: EUFN, XLF, SPX Also: NDX, DJI

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