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Patent Losses Could Sink Allergan
Dean Gilmore 2/5/2018 2:37:30 PM

Look at where $AGN was a year ago. It has lost a chunk of it's value already. This news won't help.

Patent Losses Could Sink Allergan
Alpha Stockman 2/5/2018 2:26:42 PM

These hits all hurt #Allergan's bottom line but aren't it's cash cows like #Botox which still does very well for the company and will only only generate even more revenue over time. $AGN

Patent Losses Could Sink Allergan
Ayelet Wolf 2/5/2018 2:22:51 PM

This news sounds catastrophic to me. Why isn't #Allergan tanking? $AGN

Valeant Edges Up 15% After Announcing That It Will Acquire Salix
Terry Caruso 2/24/2015 8:20:44 PM

You said the company tried to acquire Allergan but the deal fell through because Valeant didn't like it's large R&D program. If true, why did it try to acquire $AGN in the first place?

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