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Apple Stock Rallies On Buyback Despite Weak iphone Sales
Kevin Richards 5/4/2018 11:58:29 AM

#ipad and #iphone were #Apple's cash cow for a long long time. But sales are drying up. The company has a loyal fan base, but most won't continue to upgrade as long as their older products still work so well. Apple needs to find the "next big" product if they want to stay on my buy list.

The Case for Shorting Apple
Craig Newman 10/17/2017 9:48:08 PM

With #iPad sales way down, #Apple has begun to bank on it's #iPhone line as buyers tend to buy new phones with far greater frequency than tablets. But as an investor, I recommend that Apple find the "next big thing" to diversify.

The company first got big with it's ipod... who even has a dedicated mp3 player anymore. If they don't continue to innovate with newer and better products, the company will go extinct.

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