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2017 Annual Forecast
Gary Anderson 1/6/2017 6:39:03 PM

This article is a helpful resource. However, you say: "#Russia will continue to play spoiler and peacemaker in the Middle East." I am not sure when a peacemaker can be labeled a spoiler. We spoiled the middle east with regime change. We are the spoiler and Russia is the peacemaker. While not being a fan of #Trump as a man, I think he is correct on this issue. Regime change has put women and children, innocent victims, in harms way throughout the middle east. I think it is bad policy, and has created refugees, and helped motivate #BREXIT, although having your own currency may be the best way to go for the UK and for any nation for that matter. The idea of regime change and the resulting refugees may fuel the end of the Eurozone itself! I don't think that was the intent of the planners of this policy.

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