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Ben Bernanke Killed The World Economy
Gary Anderson 2/18/2019 4:40:00 PM

#Trump's productivity growth is hardly normal. France has much larger productivity growth than the US. France! Trump is stuck in low productivity just like #Obama was.

The United States Is On A Path To Bankruptcy And Economic Collapse
Gary Anderson 3/1/2018 4:53:49 PM

#Trump is like a dark JFK. JFK wanted world peace and was assassinated for it. LBJ made millions of dollars off of Bell Helicopter in the Vietnam "what are we fighting for" War. And I am certain that LBJ was involved in the assassination. So, Trump, a JFK type but a racist, is a far less sympathetic figure than was JFK. Trump wants peace but he has decided to pursue war buildup for the next President who could well be a neocon in the tradition of W and even #Obama, a reluctant neocon but a neocon nonetheless.

Michael Flynn and the 6 Big Questions
Harry Goldstein 2/14/2017 7:28:49 PM

I believe there is a few issues at hand here:

1. There's a long standing custom that there is only one President at a time. So no one should have been speaking with the Russia on behalf of what the next president would do, until #Obama's term officially came to an end. But Trump already ignored this tradition in other matters.

2. I think the bigger issue is that #Flynn not only lied to the American people but also to #Trump and #Pence. Trump isn't going to want to have someone around whom he can't trust. And Americans don't' want someone with a credibility problem in that position of power (we already have enough of that in Washington)!

Trump Error, Day 7 – Waiting on the Fed
Carlos Mantilla Windsor 2/7/2017 2:39:32 AM

Gary, I respectfully disagree.Have you been following the slaughter of peoples from these "other religions" in these barbaric countries? Its not that we are favoring a religion (as #Obama certainly did with his policies and zeitgeist), but rather saving from genocide hapless victims of religious intolerance. That this should outrage the left is just too rich to swallow. Besides,we have always discriminated who enters and from where they come from.At the turn of the 20 century, we only took in peoples from the northern parts of Europe and turned away Mediterraneans SOLEY on ethnicity. We denied the Chinese,who literally built the west, citizenship and many other rights. The religious test is for public office.Is it such a hard notion to grasp that we need to vet a peoples whose religion promotes and breeds violence? Millions of Muslims are peace loving. Millions of Muslims are bloodthirsty jihadists that given a propitious chance, would at least condone the use of mass murder on the "infidel" if not actively and materially support terror. To state otherwise would be to deny reality. Last time we checked, Christians were not committing acts of random terror, Muslims were. Do you deny that there is a problem with radical Islamic terror?

Are Expectations Too High For Trump?
Gary Anderson 1/24/2017 2:16:25 AM

Expectations for #Trump are mostly fueled by Trump himself. And yes, they are most likely way too high. Reagan and Obama came in as the economy bottomed. #Reagan did better as #Obama got sidetracked by #Obamacare and then the Republicans took the house and wouldn't let him do anything. Moral to that story is do something when you have the votes. Trump has the votes but maybe not the economy with which to achieve much more.

American Home Sale Failures Suddenly Double In Q4 2016 - Signed, Sealed, No Deal
Gary Anderson 1/15/2017 3:45:58 AM

#Obama's bubble party will look more like a tea party if the Republican's desire for deregulation takes hold under Trump.

Top Ex-White House Economist Admits 94% Of All New Jobs Under Obama Were Part-Time
Harry Sinclair 12/27/2016 1:09:33 AM

I never believed the unemployment numbers lauded by the #Obama administration. After all, the "falling" unemployment rates were always filled with people who maxed out of collecting unemployment since Obama eliminated all extensions. But learning that 94% of millions of jobs Obama created weren't traditional jobs?! That number shocks even me.

Obama Is Still Blaming Gold-Hoarding Russia
Doug Morris 12/27/2016 12:55:16 AM

Nice article Secular Investor, but I think it's more simple than you realize. I believe it's a combination of both factors. Yes, #Obama is trying to deflect attention, but I think his lashing out is also his way of throwing a tantrum. His chosen successor, who would have ensured his legacy, lost. #Trump, who has promised to dismantle nearly everything #Obama has done, won. Obama is understandably angry and frustrating. But as a result he's being petty and putting America's best interests at risk...

It's the same with how Obama was behind the recent resolution to condemn #Israel at the UN. It was just a petty parting shot at #Bibi whom Obama has made clear he can't stand.

The Art Of The Autocrat
Terrence Howard 12/9/2016 6:45:53 PM

I am not nearly as concerned as the two of you. #Trump is a lot of things (many of them bad). But he is a great deal maker - I'd much rather have him on our side of any negotiation. And while we may not be privy to the finder details, when were we ever?

Did #Obama let us know about his deals, such as when he gave hundreds of million (maybe more) in ransom to #Iran to secure the release of American? Or when he reached a nuclear agreement with Iran, which entrusted them to inspect their own facilities?

We've been on the losing side of deals for a long time. Trump will squeeze the best arrangement he can.

How Democrats Promote Poverty and Inequality
David Reynolds 11/3/2016 4:19:03 PM

It's a sad truth that #Democrats, including #Obama and #Hillary, claim to champion low income families, but all they do is buy their votes with free handouts like #ObamaPhones, #FoodStamps free #healthcare and other benefits. I agree that this only helps to keep them down. These incentivize people to turn down job offers since they can do better with the handouts than without.

​Americans Would Prosper Better with a Republican President
Gary Anderson 7/26/2016 4:38:50 AM

Surely the globalization of the world, something not done by #Obama, contributes to declining wages in America. It isn't Obama that did this, it is the globalist cabal that doesn't care much about the well being of Americans anymore.

I am not a big fan of Obama or any politician right now, but the decline of wages was not his doing. #Trump is not exactly a Republican, so no one really knows if he will hurt #GDP or keep the slow growth engineered by the Fed.

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