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Crackdown Arrives: Interactive Brokers Joins Robinhood, Blocks Buying Of Gamestop, AMC, Others
Flat Broke 1/28/2021 9:04:08 PM

$GME and its like: I am watching Thos. Peterffy of #InterActiveBrokers on Bloomberg who shut down trading by retail on this short squeeze and options. I had considered a switch to his platform, but his poor defense of his actions and the disproportionate effect on retail investors is morally indefensible. I don't trade this stock or its options, but I would never trade on #RobinHood, #IAB, or #ETrade for this action. They are fine with the short shenanigans of large traders, but when retail profits they shut it down. They should all go down in a fiery then smoldering, continued, very expensive litigation. The market is, clearly, rigged against smaller players and this is perpetuated by the brokerages that serve them. Liquidate SAC or those who made naked shorts, not those who saw their error and tried to, very legitimately, profit.

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