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Trump Probably Doesn’t Get The Demographics Of Immigration
Craig Newman 1/1/2018 3:29:22 PM

@[Gary Anderson](user:4798), you are right that #Trump's plan is exagerated. But the #Democrats have spent years not only enabling those who don't want to work, but actually encouraging them not to. Many are better off getting a free ride than actually working for a living. At least those making less than about $60k per year or so.

How Democrats Promote Poverty and Inequality
David Reynolds 11/3/2016 4:19:03 PM

It's a sad truth that #Democrats, including #Obama and #Hillary, claim to champion low income families, but all they do is buy their votes with free handouts like #ObamaPhones, #FoodStamps free #healthcare and other benefits. I agree that this only helps to keep them down. These incentivize people to turn down job offers since they can do better with the handouts than without.

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