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Tim Ord earned a Bachelor of Science degree as a Mathematics teacher from the University of Nebraska in 1973. He became a Stockbroker in 1977 and worked his way up to Vice President and Senior Option Principal in 1981.Tim Ord has over 25 years in trading experience. 

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On The Lookout For A "Zweig Thrust"
We had a “Zweig Breadth Thrust” back in early Feb. which usually leads to more rallies in the coming weeks. Notice that there were three “Zweig Breadth Thrust” rallies coming off the March low of last year and two more in Oct. and Nov.
Going Long On SPX
SPX/TLT​​​​​​​ is trading at a new high suggesting SPX may also test or trade to a new high.
Long On Gold
February has a history of marking reversal in the gold market and this time around should be a low. Bigger picture remains bullish; short term picture is producing bullish divergences.
Market Signals Point Higher
Today the SPX/TLT closed above the 1/26 high where SPX is still below.  Its common for the SPX/TLT ratio to lead the SPX. This condition suggests that the SPX will close above it 1/26/21 high which is 3870.90 in the coming days.
Market Sending Bearish Signals
The GDX/GLD price above .25 is where gold stocks could rally the strongest. The best part of the gold stock rally is not far off and could start when the monthly GDX/GLD ratio closes above .25. Long GDX on 10/9/20 at 40.78.
Is The Market Set To Go Against History In The First Months Of The New Administration?
History shows that markets are only up 30% of the time on Inauguration Day. Are the stocks and gold headed for new highs or dips as the Biden Administration takes office?
Wither The SPY?
Going back to 2003, when the daily RSI for SPY gets near 80 range; it never (usually) is the last high. When the daily RSI starts to top out around the 70 or lower range is when momentum is running out of steam and market is due for a pull back.
This Bull Run For Gold
A possible upside target for GDXJ is the late 2012 high near the 90.00 range. In this bull run for gold, gold stocks should outperform gold itself, and silver stocks should outperform silver itself.
SPY: Three Drives To The Top
The pattern forming on SPY appears to be “’Three drives to Top”. Yesterday’s break to new highs came on much lighter volume and suggests a false breakout.
Stock Market Could Rally Through Year End
It’s a bullish longer term sign when the 5 and 10 day TRIN reach bullish levels in the same time. This evidence suggests the rally could last into year end if not longer.
VIX: Tomorrow Could Be An "Up" Day?
VIX which traded four days low is suggesting that tomorrow could be an up day. SPY volume expanded and that it's right in the middle of all the panic readings in the tick and trin. I take that as a bullish short term sign. 
Strong Rally To Start This Week? That Is The Question
GDX has been consolidating since early August. The consolidation has been choppy with decreasing volume which is the norm on consolidation patterns.
The Market Doesn't Like The Mystery
The next few weeks may be challenging, as the market does not like the mystery of who will win the Presidential Election. Unless there are extreme readings in the tick and trin to show high degree of panic, the market may swing both up and down.
Bullish Highs On The Way For GDX
In bullish moves in GDX the GDX/GLD ratio outperforms and leads GDX. Today GDX/GLD ratio closed above Friday’s high suggesting GDX will break above Friday’s short term. It appears the next impulse wave higher has started and new highs are possible. 
Neutral Seems To Be The Current Watchword For SPY And GDX
The October 2 low on the SPY tested the September 28 low on higher volume, suggesting the October 2 low will be tested again and could be the next downside target for a low (around the 330 SPY).
Caution On Both: Bull Signals For SPY And Bearish Signals For GDX
GDX is currently at a support which is the previous high. Seasonality is bearish for now and if a signal is triggered it would suggests a short term trade that may last a week or two. 
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