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1 ETF To Profit From The Coming Silver Spike
The trouble with silver is investors tend to forget that it’s an industrial metal, just like copper. That is changing as it plays an increasingly important role in the renewable energy sector. After all, silver is the best conductor of energy.
2 Reasons Housing Is The Investment Of The Decade
Housing prices are seemingly out of control. But there’s still a massive opportunity for profit.
Platinum Stocks Will Soar As The Economy Roars Back To Life
Even though it’s rarer than gold, platinum is primarily a commodity metal.
1 Stock For The Renewable Energy Boom
Solar and wind are now the cheapest major forms of power generation. That’s why renewables already account for the vast majority of power capacity expansion.
The Shocking Truth About Interest Rates And Stocks
What if everything you thought you knew about interest rates and the economy was wrong?
Don’t Fall For Corporate America’s Dirty Trick
Stock buybacks are not a good thing. They distort the stock market. They encourage financial shenanigans and discourage investment. They weaken the economy.




Latest Posts
Join Me In The Switzerland Of South America
They call Uruguay the Switzerland of South America. That particular shoe fits ... except, last I checked, Switzerland had no world-class beach resorts.
Washington Is Creating A Perfect Economic Storm
Thanks to our representatives in Washington, we face a future of higher interest rates, a falling dollar and falling stock prices.
Time Is Running Out To Turbocharge Your Investments
It can be difficult to trade in foreign equities. It requires either a foreign brokerage account or a U.S. broker that can trade for you, charging extra fees. Many people are opting for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) instead.
The Smarter, Safer Gains You’re Missing
f you follow the ETF industry as I do, you’re probably tempted to think that the guys who design these things are running out of ideas. C’mon … an upside-down ETF? But the back testing figures don’t lie. Both the equal-weight and the reverse-order ETFs beat the market over time.
Debt: The Invisible Threat To Your Wealth
Today, all the political talk is still about taxes … specifically, the Trump/Ryan plan to slash taxes on the wealthy and on corporations. I’ve spoken about this plan before. Today, I want to turn the entire issue on its head.
I Won’t Get Chipped … And Neither Should You
It’s true that people have worried about the impact of new technologies throughout history. Usually those initial concerns turn out to be unfounded … at least when considered over a long enough time frame. But technologies do change us … usually in unforeseen ways.

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