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An independent analyst and private investor. Based in Warsaw, Poland. Professional experience comprises about 20 years in a number of financial and industrial companies. Fan of the Austrian School of Economics.

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Copper - What Is On The Cards?
Since middle September 2018, the copper has been trading in a narrow range of $2.65 – $2.88 per pound.
Gold Whispers That The US Dollar Is Ahead Of A Leg Down
The US dollar is printing a double top formation and gold is relatively strong, compared to the greenback.
A Quick Look At Gold And US Dollar (Going In Tandem)
The average speculator trading US dollar index futures is overly optimistic about the US currency but the problem is that this huge optimism has only marginal impact on the greenback itself.
US Dollar - I Am Bearish
According to COT data, since May 29 big speculators betting on a stronger dollar increased their bullish bets by 13.0 thousand contracts. Over that period the bears (betting on a weaker dollar) cut their bets by 21.4 thousand contracts.
Copper Looks Promising
We may be ahead of another leg up in copper and this week’s white bullish candle (just forming) could be the first sign of it.
US Dollar At A Pivotal Point
Since May 2018 gold and silver have been in their short-term downward trends and, despite extreme pessimism among North American speculators trading gold and silver futures, it looks like the precious metals market is doomed.
Chart Of The Day - Trend Following In Action
How the "trend following approach" works - the Facebook example.
US Stocks - Is It A Healthy Bull Market?
Although the Nasdaq is making new historical highs, the market internals do not support these tops. Despite the index making new all-time highs, the amount of stocks doing the same is rapidly going down.
Are We In A Bear Or Bull Market In Precious Metals?
The gold market looks like being in a typical short-term bear cycle.
Latest Developments On The Precious Metals Market
Generally, gold and the US dollar go in the opposite directions but after the latest Fed decision, both instruments go in tandem.
Gold And Silver - I Am An Optimist
There is high or even extreme pessimism among big speculators trading precious metals futures on the COMEX.
Despite The US Dollar Getting Stronger The Gold Holds Quite Well
After the Fed's decision to keep interest rates unchanged the gold was quite strong. Despite the US dollar making another ultra-short term top, gold prices held well.
Silver - The Big Selling Has Just Started
A silver/gold ratio made impressive breakout supporting a bullish thesis on the precious metals market.
Will The Gold Break At Last?
Today gold was at a tiny distance from breaking above its strong resistance level failed.
And They Are Still Hoarding Silver
The JPM warehouse has been reporting higher silver stocks since 2015. If they continue hoarding silver at the same pace as in 1Q 2018, at the end of 2018 they would have had around 200 million ounces of silver.
What I Am Looking At While Waiting For A Major Breakout In Precious Metals (Or For Godot*...)
Most recently gold and the goldollar index have bounced off their strong resistance.
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