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Sam Subramanian edits AlphaProfit’s Premium Service investment newsletter and investing blog. The newsletter frequently rises to the top of the Hulbert Financial Digest’s performance rankings and features among MartketWatch’s top 10 investment newsletters.

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Looking Back, Looking Forward – Sunday, Feb. 7
The S&P 500 ended the week at a new closing high. S&P 500 members are on their way to show year-over-year EPS growth after a gap of three quarters.
Looking Back, Looking Forward
As COVID-19 cases continued to surge, investors sought safety in large-cap technology stocks. The NASDAQ Composite Index set new all-time highs on four of the five trading sessions last week.
Looking Back, Looking Forward – Sunday, June 7
The reopening trade was in full swing last week, as investors looked beyond the pandemic amidst signs of a rapid economic recovery from shutdowns. A strong May jobs report spurred a broad rally in stocks to turn a strong week into an exceptional one.
Should I Invest In International Stocks In 2020?
International stocks have outperformed U. S. stocks in only two of the past 10 years. After this extended stretch of underperformance, expectations for international stocks are low and they are more attractively priced compared to U. S. stocks.
US Stock Market Forecast For 2020
The gains in the past year resulted solely from an expansion of the price-to-earnings valuation metric as growth in earnings proved elusive. Investors are now worried about the longevity of the bull market.
Fidelity Money Market Funds – Choosing The Best One
Fidelity money market funds are useful investment vehicles that often provide higher income than bank accounts. Since they provide ready access to cash, investors can use them to hold money that may be needed at a short notice.
Ishares PHLX Semiconductor ETF: What’s Ahead For SOXX?
iShares PHLX Semiconductor ETF (SOXX​) is up 44% this year. During the past 3-year and 5-year periods, it has returned 27% and 24%, respectively on an annualized basis.
Best Performing ETFs Of Last 10 Years
What are the best performing ETFs of the last 10 years? What are likely to be the best performing ETFs in the next 10 years? FDN FBT XLY
Communication Services Select Sector SPDR ETF XLC Dawns
The Communication Services Select Sector SPDR ETF with ticker symbol XLC is in the works. Read this article for insights into the nuts & bolts of the ETF and what this change means for other Select Sector SPDR ETFs.
Should I Invest In International Stocks In 2018?
Stocks in international markets compare favorably to stocks in the U. S. from a valuation perspective.
Best Growth Stocks To Buy Now In Top Sectors For 2018
If you are looking for the best growth stocks to buy now, this list of stodgy stalwarts from top sectors is worth checking.
Fidelity Select Funds: Best Fidelity Select Funds For 2018
Fidelity Select Technology leads the performance table in 2017 with a year-to-date return of 51%. Which Fidelity Select Fund will be 2018's best performer?
US Stock Market Forecast For 2018
Gains for the US stock market are likely to match the magnitude of growth in earnings if US companies match or exceed earnings expectations and valuation metrics remain flat.
How To Protect Your Money After A Tough Earnings Season
The second quarter earnings reporting season has proved to be a difficult one for stocks. The earnings reports themselves have been strong. Yet, second quarter earnings reports have been unable to lift stock prices.
S&P 500 Quarterly Earnings: Second Quarter Earnings Outlook For Sectors And Stocks
Earnings reports are an important factor driving stock prices. The S&P 500 quarterly earnings parade starts in a few weeks. How is the 2nd quarter earnings outlook shaping up for different sectors and stocks?
Sector Analysis: Should You Buy Or Sell Stocks On Trump Rallies?
Time will tell if the S&P 500 is now in the midst of a peaking process. If the Trump trade serves as a guide for what may follow, investors would be prudent to take some chips off the table.
1 to 16 of 23 Posts
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