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Roddy Boyd is an investigative reporter who has worked for Fortune Magazine, the New York Post, The New York Sun and Institutional Investor News. The Huffington Post named him one of the 25 most feared financial reporters in America. He also founded more

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PennyMac Financial Services: The Next Mortgage Crisis Is Underway
PennyMac Financial Services is a mortgage lender with a $2.3 billion market capitalization. A force in the government-backed loan market, PennyMac is now the second largest issuer in the $2 trillion Ginnie Mae mortgage-backed securities universe.
For Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Failure Is The New Winning
In late June, Jazz Pharmaceuticals began to market a drug aimed at treating people whose metastatic small cell lung cancer has not responded to an initial round of chemotherapy.
Freedom Holding: After ‘Borat,’ The Silliest Kazakh Import Of The Century
If one word could describe the U.S. stock market of 2020, it would be “improbable.” The S&P 500, for example, has risen about 14.14 percent this year despite a pandemic that is deadly to both people and corporate profits.
The Black World Of Insys Therapeutics
A controversial pharma has been growing super fast, telling everyone their drug is highly popular. What they are really doing is using large cash payments to MDs to generate their sales and regulators are starting to notice.
Insys Therapeutics And The New ‘Killing It’
This tale recounting Dr. Orlando Florete’s treatment presents a parallel trend in American medicine — that of the physician as a compensated endorser.
Irreproducible Results, Inc.
The company, which didn’t exist five years ago outside of the ideas in a Harvard Medical School professor’s journal articles, touted its 53 percent success rate in one of the first fertility clinics offering its Augment treatment.
Amtrust Financial Services & The Karfunkle Family Foundation: An Unholy Alliance?
Roddy Boyd takes an in depth look into the fascinating lives of the Karfunkel brothers, their financial empire and their philanthropic efforts. But behind the generosity, there are allegations of financial irregularities and wrongdoing.
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