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I consider myself as a Financial Engineer with an engineering degree from Georgia Tech and a Master of Science degree from Brooklyn Poly.

I have my own methods of technical analysis that includes proprietary models. My market commentary and investment strategies help trading ... more

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Bear Market Rally Will Stall Or Accelerate Based On This Week's Closes
For the bear market rally to continue all five averages need to close this week above their five-week modified moving averages.
Bear Market Rally From Christmas Lows Continues
My call for the bear market rally was solidified by the Russell 2000, which ended last week above its reversion to the mean at 1,354.85.
The 8 'Dogs Of The Dow' For 2019 Include Replacements Cisco Systems And JPMorgan
The eight “Dogs of the Dow” for 2018 outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2018. Now here are my picks for 2019.
The 8 'Dogs Of The Dow' Hit Hard In First Quarter, Here's How To Trade Them Now
The eight "Dogs of the Dow" for 2018 ended March with an aggregate loss of 7.5% year-to-date.
Four Stocks Join The Pound Making 8 'Dogs Of The Dow' For 2016
In 2016, eight Dow components qualify as the Dogs of the Dow. Four were dogs in 2015 and four new stocks qualify for 2016.
3 Dow Stocks Hurting The Performance Of Warren Buffett's Holdings
Last week three Dow components set new 52-week or multiyear lows, and the three are the third, fourth and fifth largest holdings in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio, as of August 16.
The Dow Gained 8.5% In October Led By Microsoft, Chevron And These 3 Stocks
The five Dow stocks with the biggest gains in October were; Chevron, DuPont, General Electric, McDonald’s and Microsoft. Among these Chevron, GE and McDonald’s are three of the six “Dogs of the Dow” Of 2015.
How To Trade 6 Diversified Dow Stocks That Set New Recent Highs
There are six Dow stocks that set new all-time or multiyear highs last week: General Electric, Home Depot, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Travelers and Visa.
Caterpillar, Chevron And These Two Stocks Lead The Dow This Quarter
A lot of Dow stocks have gains so far in October, led by three stocks that are still in bear market territory and General Electric as the company continues to execute a turnaround story to shed financial assets.
Investors In These 6 Dow Stocks Are Having A Good Year So Far
Eight of the 30 Dow stocks had gains at the end of September, but only six had gains of 5% or more.
Investors With These 6 Stocks Have Wounded Portfolios
The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the first three quarters of 2015 in correction territory down 8.6% year-to-date and 11.3% below its all-time intraday high of 18,351.36 set on May 19.
These 5 Dow Components Have Upside Price Gaps To Fill After The FOMC Statement
There are five components of the Dow that began last week before the FOMC announcement below a price gap between their Black Friday highs on August 24 and their August 21 low.
Travelers, IBM Among 7 Dow Stocks With Gains Of More Than 5% So Far In July
Helping the Dow 30 to return to positive territory for the year are seven components that have gains of more than 5% so far in the second half of 2015. Six of these companies report their second quarter earnings this week.
Four Second-Half Turnaround Stories Are Stocks Of The Dow
These four stocks were first-half losers that began the second half with solid gains, trimming year-to-date losses.
How To Trade Five Dow Stocks That Are Above Key Moving Averages
Disney, which is up 22.1% year-to-date, Goldman Sachs, which is up 7.9% ytd, JPMorgan Chase, which is up 7.9% ytd, Nike, which is up 14.3% ytd, and UnitedHealth, which is up 20.5% ytd are all above Dow Jones Industrial moving averages.
These 5 Dow Stocks Are Below Four Key Moving Averages
As of July 2, the Dow was above its 200-day and 200-week simple moving averages, and below its 50-day simple moving average and its five-week modified moving average. These five big stocks are below all four of these key moving averages.
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