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A strong consulting professional with the Doctor of Medicine and Master of Science from Columbia University. Experienced in biotechnology research analysis with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare field and the pharmaceuticals industry.

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Atara: The Silver Bullet For Multiple Sclerosis
The firm will report Phase 3 results for its lead franchise tab-cell this year. The positive outcomes will erase doubt and fear regarding the departure of senior management.
Avalon: A Colossal Partnership
As Buffett said it best, stellar growth companies do not come often. In my years of daily exploration of the bioscience space, I recently encountered a rare investment prospect and you should not miss out
ArQule: Profiting From Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition
After years of dormancy, Arqule bulls rallied to the strong clinical reporting of ARQ-531 for various blood cancers. And, I forecast that advanced trials will deliver positive results.
Corporate Vs. Non-Corporate Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Merger And Acquisitions, And MannKind’s Affairs
The market has been speculating as to whether the MannKind-Sanofi partnership will lead to a full-blown merger and acquisition.
Investor Education: Essential Information About Bankruptcy Filings And GT Advanced Technology
GT Advanced Technology made waves when it made its bankruptcy announcement. Dr. Hung Tran leads readers through some of the essentials of what this actually means for investors.
Alibaba - A Better Buy Than Ebay Or Amazon?
Alibaba—despite much larger in size compared to competitors like eBay and Amazon—seems affordable compared to its peers. Dr. Hung V. Tran takes a deeper look in this extensive report.
The Female Health Company Reports Preliminary Unit Sales For Fourth Quarter 2014
The Company announced that it expects to report that sales for the fourth quarter of FY2014 totaled approximately 9.7 million units, for an increase of approximately 15% relative to the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year.
RadioShack Is Up 26 Percent, Should You Buy?
RadioShack shares are trading up as much as 26 percent higher Friday, after hedge fund Standard General stated that it had drafted a plan to boost the company's near term liquidity for the Holiday shopping season.
MannKind Closes The Deal With The Global Diabetes Powerhouse Sanofi
Some investors have been feeling anxious regarding whether MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD) would finalize the deal with the French Pharmaceutical Powerhouse Sanofi (NYSE: SNY).
Will Fonar Corporation Continue To Post Stellar Earnings
Fonar Corporation (NASDAQ: FONR) announced annual results for fiscal 2014 on September 15, 2014 with continuing positive earnings. Headquartered in Melville New York.
Should You Buy Herbalife Due To Icahn Rumors?
Following the right gurus like Buffett or Icahn can lead to market outperforming results. Nevertheless, the problem is when do you know they would buy or sell?
How Corporate Inversion Opens A Whole New Can Of Worms
Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew is pushing for tougher legislation to prevent companies from exercising corporate inversion to avoid US tax.
RadioShack: Is Bankruptcy Imminent?
In spite of stellar earnings in 2010, RadioShack was already showing signs of problems pertaining to its electronics business line.
Ramifications Of Stendra's FDA Approved Label Extension
Great News to Investors and Patients, But What is Vivus's Ultimate Destiny
Corporate Development: USEC, Inc. To Emerge From Bankruptcy Protection On September 30
USU will start trading as LEU; whether USEC ultimately can turn around to become a viable firm remains to be seen, but lower share prices widen the margin of safety.
Merck Enter Into Licensing Agreement With Sun Pharma For Tildrakizumab
Merck has given exclusive worldwide rights to Sun Pharma to commercialize an agent that is being studied in a stage 3 clinical trial for a certain type of skin condition.
1 to 16 of 101 Posts
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