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Ranjit Thomas, CFA is a long short equities portfolio manager. He has experience working in the management consulting, private equity and hedge fund industries. His style of analysis is fundamental and focused on the numbers. He can be contacted via his LinkedIn profile or by email: his initials ... more

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E Here’s Why Apple Should Buy Disney
Over the last few years, Apple’s stock has had a good run, while Disney’s has stagnated. Apple can purchase Disney for a reasonable price, cementing its place as the world’s leading company.
E TalkMarkets Presents: Ranjit Thomas - An Overview Of Recent Earnings And Resulting Stock Ideas
The market is likely to decline early next year. Many stocks (e.g. financials) have had a sharp run-up and are ahead of their fundamentals.
E Foot Locker Should Reach A Higher Level
Foot Locker is positioned well to ride the “athleisure” wave. It is one of the few retailers that is growing revenue and earnings but has been thrown out with the retail bathwater.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts