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Paul Mampilly is an American investor and former hedge fund manager. Paul has been featured on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV. He is the founder of the popular investment newsletter Profits Unlimited, where he uses his skills, experience and knowledge as a former Wall Street ...more


5 Reasons To Own America 2.0 Stocks In 2021
Innovation and technology are gaining momentum. And I believe it will take our America 2.0 stocks rocketing to the moon!
Tesla Buys Bitcoin – Should You?
Bitcoin is on a roll. It’s gone up 4X in a year’s time. But a lot of you are asking me: “Did I miss the boat on buying in?”
Apple Faces A Long, Slow Decline
The numbers show it — Apple’s iPhone sales disappointed again in its last quarter.
Get Out Of These Investments Now
Corporate bonds are a worse deal because you can get the same interest rate on government bonds. Because of this, prices of these bonds are going down and are going to continue to go down.
3 Things That Will Survive The Cryptocurrency Bust
To be a great investor, you have to keep an open mind to things like the 1999/2000 dot-com craze or today’s bitcoin/cryptocurrency mania.
Apple Is Doomed In 2018
Apple is doomed. And 2018 is the year where I believe you’ll start to see that this once-great American company has peaked and the Apple stock price is ready to decline.




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Your Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity Is Right Now
Because they’ve not experienced it before, many investors are not seeing the incredible peril they are in ... if they own the wrong stocks.
A Stock Bigger Than Amazon And Google Combined
A new form of energy is going to disrupt at least three major parts of our economy. And I believe it’s going to make massive fortunes for those who invest in it.
Mega Trends Will Deliver Huge Gains In 2018
This focus on mega trends is the reason why I believe Profits Unlimited stocks are going to keep outperforming. And their contributions to market indices like the Dow and the S&P 500 are the reasons why I expect the overall market to keep going up.
The Auto Industry Is About To Completely Change
In 10 years, we’ll have fewer cars on the road. And fewer still in 20. That’s why I told my son it’s unlikely he’d need to learn to drive. The reason I’m so pessimistic is because new innovations are going to wipe out cars as we know them.
3-D Printing Could Make Your Next Home 40% Cheaper
Using 3-D printing technology will save as much 40% on the old, traditional ways of building. That’s a $20,000 savings on a house that costs $50,000 to put up. And remember, the 3-D printed model gets you your house in a week instead of months or years.
Wall Street’s Glory Days Are Numbered
The dramatic cost reduction in doing an ICO/ITO offering vs. an IPO means it’s only a matter of time before someone tries this method out. And once a successful model has been built, it’ll be curtains for Wall Street’s current IPO business.
Virtual Reality Will Reshape Entertainment
In time, virtual or augmented reality is going to wipe out the current versions of television, movies and video games. And investors who understand how big this technology is going to be stand to make a fortune.
Amazon Is Going To Crush This Entire Group Of Companies
Many of you are going to be tempted to buy these stocks. But don’t be lured into them. I believe these companies are death traps for your money. They are doomed. Amazon and innovative companies like it are going to crush them until they are gone.

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Capuchin Consulting
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Capuchin Consulting provides investment ideas and advice to professional investors. Capuchin Consulting, is a consulting firm that I started to provide unique money making investment ideas to professional investors. If we can help you can contact me directly on LinkedIn.


Fordham Gabelli School of Business
1995 / 1997
Montclair State University
1986 / 1991
Finance, Accounting


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For example, using my system, I uncovered one company, Sarepta Therapeutics, that was beginning to develop a drug to treat muscular dystrophy. I invested and pocketed a gain of 2,539%.

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