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My name is Nick Menard. I am a professional engineer and i work as a project manager. I am active on the stock markets since 2006. I first decided to invest through ETFs, however as i read books on the stock markets and Corporate Finance, i began to invest directly on stocks. 

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Stock Markets 2019
The markets bounced quite a lot since they reached lows at the end of December 2018. This is an indication that large investors decided to inject funds into stocks. Most probably, these investors thought the markets were overbought.
Microsoft Corporation – Growth Opportunities, But High Valuation
MSFT stock price has survived the latest market sell-off, most notably of tech stocks. However, given the volatility of the markets investors should wait and see how to market will react during the first half of 2019.
General Electric – Many Uncertainties
GE used to be a blue-chip stock. However, the current situation does not look as good as it used to be.
REIT Investing – Dividend Yield: 3 REITs Worth Investigating
With the rise of interest rates, REIT Investing may help investors to obtain some decent returns, while the markets are going up and down. I have found 3 REITs and a stock pick worth investigating.
Adobe: Expanding Net Margins And Digital Media Products Are Driving Growth
ADBE has produced some amazing financial results during the last 3 years and 2018 is looking to be even better. Even if the stock is currently selling at a Price-Earnings ratio above 50, the company is still a good investment for growth investors.




Latest Posts
Microsoft Corporation - Profitable, But Expensive
MSFT stock has resisted the recent sell-off. However, given its current valuation (PE = 44), what should long-term investors do?
Alphabet Inc. - Shrinking Net Margins, Premium Valuation
What should long-term investors do with GOOGL? This company is very profitable, however recent earning releases shows operating costs to be on the rise, margins are shrinking. Is GOOGL's valuation (PE =39) justified at this point?
Apple Inc. - Looking Past 2019
Long-term investors should look past 2019 to understand how the company will generate more growth. There are various opportunites between 2020 and 2025.
Facebook Inc. - Let's Be Patient
As short-term investors and day traders are leaving the ship, there is a nice opportunity for long-term investors to grab some shares of FB at a decent valuation.
ANCUF - Ready For Take-Off
- ANCUF stock price has increased 29% per year average from 2013 to 2018. - The company has grown through acquisitions. - ANCUF has growth opportunities in the future, from acquisitions and from opening new stores. - The current valuation provides a decent growth forecast in the future.

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Nick Menard
Nick Menard

StockInvesting360 is managed by Nicolas Ménard. The site is about learning how to manage stock market investments and providing useful information for inexperienced and intermediate stock market investors wishing to sharpen their investment knowledge and skills. It is also intended for seasoned investors looking for alternatives to increase their performance on the stock market.