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Dr. Mike Campbell is a British scientist and freelance writer. Mike got his doctorate in Ghent, Belgium and has worked in Belgium, France, Monaco and Austria since leaving the UK. As a writer, he specialises in business, science, medicine and environmental subjects.


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Brexit’s Critical Hours
Tuesday ought to mark a critical time in Britain’s Brexit odyssey with the “meaningful vote”, postponed at the last minute in December, finally taking place in the House of Commons tonight.
US Unemployment Continues To Fall
The official level of unemployment for September in the USA has fallen to 3.7%, a level not seen for 49 years, since the time of the Hippies in 1969
As Bitcoin Sinks In The West…
The fact remains that crypto-currencies are not fiat money and they have no endorsement at a nation state level. Consequently, all are vulnerable to a whim of a major nation state which could outlaw them.
Greece Emerges From Bailouts
The nation of Greece will be able to finance itself through international money markets again, having completed the EU/IMF bailout process.
Japanese Economy Returns To Growth
As a leading exporting nation, Japan is likely to be affected both directly and indirectly by protectionist US policies.
Sterling Slips On Brexit Worries
Sterling fell heavily against all other major currencies. It is still significantly lower than it was (pre-vote) as investors in forex try to digest the political and other fundamental news that will set the value of Sterling going forward.
The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable?
The Chequers agreement on what the UK wants from Brexit is all but dead with cabinet and junior ranking ministers resigning in protest and complaints at the constituency party level that it concedes too much.
IMF Warns That Trade War Is In Nobody’s Interest
Donald Trump’s current fixation is that the USA has trade deficits with many nations.
EU And Japan To Sign Free Trade Agreement
The world’s largest and most successful trading bloc, the EU, is to sign a free trade agreement with the world’s third largest economy, Japan, later today.
UK Service Sector – Dead Cat Bounce?
The UK service sector has posted its best rise in activity since October 2017 which has re-ignited speculation that the bank of England will increase interest rates next month.
IMF To Approve Argentinian Loan
The IMF has given provisional clearance to a loan to Argentina worth $50 billion over a three-year period. The agreement requires the approval of the board of the IMF, but this should be a formality.
Fuelling Inflation?
Recent strengthening of the price of crude oil, priced in US Dollars, together with post-Brexit referendum weakness of the Pound has been blamed for an increase in the forecourt prices motorists and hauliers use in the UK for diesel and petrol.
EU Faces US Steel Tariffs
The Americans under Trump are about to embark on a myopic, ill-advised and probably self-harming bout of trade disputes with allies and antagonists alike.
Forex Week In Review - Monday, May 28
Last week was a mixed affair for the world’s major stock markets with US markets gaining whilst all the other major markets closed below the previous week’s mark.
Turkish Lira Recovers From Record Greenback Low
The Turkish Lira has rallied against the US Dollar and other major currencies following an interest rate increase. The central bank took action to stop the Lira from further losses against the Dollar by rising interest rates from 13.5% to 16.5%.
Japanese Economy Contracts
The Japanese economy has come to the end of its best period of sustained economic expansion since the 1980s.
1 to 16 of 272 Posts
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