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What This Massive Overnight Rally Accomplishes, Finally
The rally has carried right up to the crash trendline, but no further. A pop through 2330 will finally break the crash trend. But I wouldn’t get too excited about that either.
The Boingggg That Fizzled (Again)
Now that the US Government has delayed Tax Day for 3 months, the April tax windfall won’t happen. It will be spread out through the second quarter.
Fed Codifies Friday’s Intervention, Market Goes Limit Down Again
The Fed pretended to fire a bazooka on Sunday with its announcement of $700 billion in market intervention in outright purchases. But it was really a popgun.
Friday The Thirteenth And The Roof Is On Fire
As fast as they have come down, they have gone up twice as fast overnight.
Stock Market Trading Setup For Thursday, March 5
The S&P futures have edged below trend support, which is at 3066. The 3050 area is also a support level. If there’s no immediate recovery above the trendline and 3050 is broken, the first target would be around 2955.
Look For Your Big Fat Home On The Range
If the market falters and starts to pull back around or below 3097, the first test should be the lower trendline now at 3048.
Ambiguity? Deal With It!
Setups don’t get much more ambiguous, and fraught with 2 way potential, than this. Ok, it’s more upside than downside potential today. An upside breakout through 3390 would target 3415.
Ewww!!! What’s That Red Stuff?
The market “should” now bounce. What the market “should” do from a technical perspective, it only does about 70% of the time.
Intraday Charts Are On The Brink – Stock Market Trading Setup For Friday, Feb. 7
The 5-day cycle oscillator has been falling since Wednesday. You could call it a negative divergence or you could call it an internal correction. That’s the problem with negative divergences.
S&P Breaks Out In Asia, Pulls Back In Europe – Stock Market Trading Setup
Quiet morning here in Yurrop. S&P futures are up a mere dozen points, coming down from up 25. Nasdaq futures are only up 30 some, off highs of up 60 some.
Buy Death, Sell The Cure? – Stock Market Trading Setup
S&P futures are surging again. Cornohaha VIrus is cured! Sell the news?
Surprise (Not) Rocket Launch From Support – Stock Market Trading Setup
S&P futures are bonering. They hit support yesterday, and surprise, surprise, the dip buyers were out in force.
Why Blaming The Repo Market Is Like Blaming The Australian Bush Fires
The repo market problem isn't the problem. It's a sideshow, a diversion, and a joke. It's a symptom of the problem.
Podcast: Fed Strategy Is Incoherent
The Fed kept rates unchanged, German factory numbers shocked, bond yields collapsed, safe haven assets found favor, and then on Friday equity investors woke up to a scary world.
Housing Inflation - A Simple Case Of Supply And Demand Exacerbated By Low Rates
Housing demand growth is slowing, so why is housing inflation continuing at a steady pace more than twice the rate of the CPI?
Chart Of The Day – 5.2% Household Income Gain Vs. Reality
The US Census Bureau said yesterday that annual household income rose 5.2% in 2015. Compare that with the gain in BLS reported average weekly earnings through August 2016.
1 to 16 of 357 Posts
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