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Flation Update
Here's the YoY and Monthly update on inflation.
Bitcoin Is The Market Is The Economy
An overlay of the hourly chart of BTC with the 24 hour ES S&P futures clearly shows shows correlation and concurrency.
Only The Fed Was Surprised By Inflation It Caused
The purple line is the Fed’s System Open Market Account, in other words, its securities holdings. You see the Fed’s balance sheet normalization 2017-19, and then the return to massive QE in late 2019.
I’m Not Buying Euros Yet
My interest in the price of the euro relative to the US dollar is personal, since I happen to live in France now, and my income comes in the form of US dollars.
Jobs Data Without The Seasonal Adjustment BS
The BLS provides seasonally adjusted (SA) data to make it impossible to see what actually happened in the first report each month. They do it to give economists and Wall Street mouthpieces something to do.
The Hourly Chart Is Bullish… What Else Is New?
Yes, it looks bullish again. Although last night toward the close in New York when it looked like it would launch it stalled, and it’s still in that same range.


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ECB's Targeted Lending Spree Starts Out As Flop; Modern Monetary Insanity
8 years ago
I produced this rant back in June telling why the program was a sham. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CNjLl3_0SU
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