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Jobs Data Without The Seasonal Adjustment BS
The BLS provides seasonally adjusted (SA) data to make it impossible to see what actually happened in the first report each month. They do it to give economists and Wall Street mouthpieces something to do.
The Hourly Chart Is Bullish… What Else Is New?
Yes, it looks bullish again. Although last night toward the close in New York when it looked like it would launch it stalled, and it’s still in that same range.
US Economy Is Collapsing In June, It’s The Virus, Mo Ron
The data shows that the US economy has been weakening sharply since the beginning of June. That follows May’s dead cat bounce, which Dear Leader Trump and Wall Street had all touted as recovery. Uh… no.
Uptrend Holds Again
Last night the S&P futures needed to break 2828 to break the uptrend. Of course it did it by 5 points, and that was it. Boom! Up, up, and away.
Fed QE Daily – Jaysus Powell Will Walk On Water Next
The futures are pulling back this morning a day after Jaysus Powell channeled Mario Draghi and promised that the Fed would do whatever it takes to keep the US economy afloat.
Fed QE Squeeze Market Effect For Today
The Fed is really tightening the screws on Primary Dealers this week. So far, stock futures traders are laughing and farting in the bears’ general direction.


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ECB's Targeted Lending Spree Starts Out As Flop; Modern Monetary Insanity
7 years ago
I produced this rant back in June telling why the program was a sham. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CNjLl3_0SU
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