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Lance Gaitan graduated from Franklin University in Columbus, OH with a degree in Finance. After graduating and working as an auditor for an insurance administrator as a number of years, attained his securities license and then went to work as a broker for a small firm.

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What Retirees Need To Know About Options
how to craft an options strategy, whether they belong in your portfolio, and if this is something you can do on your own – or if you’re going to need the help of a professional.
The Fed Is Wrong About The Economy
Treasury bonds clearly show that the Fed is way off on its assessment of the economy and monetary policy.
Take Notice Of The Fed’s Big Red Flag
Every six weeks the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets to decide whether a change in policy is needed to coax our economy in the right direction. They wrapped up their latest meeting on Wednesday.
Consumers: Make More, Spend More
Consumer spending comprises nearly two-thirds of our economy and retail sales makes up half of all consumer spending. When spending slows, it stands to reason our economy will slow.
Home Sales Warning To The Economy
December existing sales fell over 6% on the month and fell over 10% on the year. January sales fell another 1.2% on the month, and 8.5% over the 2018 year.
Rising Debt And Falling Spending Are Troublesome
Consumer spending drives two-thirds of our economy. The economy has been humming on all cylinders, but how long can that last if the consumer can’t or won’t spend more?
The Fed Data Dependent, But Without All The Data…
Despite the jump in stocks after the Fed’s decision yesterday, Treasury yields held pretty steady. They’ve been steady since the government shutdown began last month and have remained steady since it reopened.
This Government Shutdown Is Blinding Investors
Since some of the economic releases will be delayed, does the Fed just continue the path of quantitative tightening (QT) or shrinking its balance sheet?
Government Shutdown, Trade War, And The Market
Deal or No Deal? That is the billion-dollar question on both sides of the Atlantic.
We’re On Shaky Economic Ground
Tariffs and the trade war with China are starting to take its toll on the manufacturing sector. Falling oil prices have certainly effected firms related to the energy sector.
Hiking Interest Rates Into 2019
Santa was in a bad mood this year. Maybe that was the Fed’s fault.
Inflation? Where? Now What, Fed?
The Fed will meet to decide on the interest-rate policy tomorrow. It’s widely expected that rates will go up another quarter point.
Are We At The Peak Of Employment And Wages?
The unemployment rate stayed at 3.7%, but the expected 190,000 non-farm jobs missed the bar by 35,000, only managing 155,000. To add to that misery, October jobs were revised lower by 14,000 jobs.
Will Housing Be The First Domino To Fall?
New home sales are crucial to our economy because of the ripple effect they create for builders, mortgage servicers, real estate brokers, and home-furnishing retailers.
Laugh… Cry… Profit Your Way To “Normal”
Equities rallied hard last Wednesday in the aftermath of midterm elections that turned out largely as expected. But stocks turned ugly again late last week. And that trend has continued this week.
This Calm Shall Pass, Too
Let’s be real: The U.S. manufacturing sector’s been on fire for over a year.
1 to 16 of 66 Posts
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