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Professor of International Economics and Finance City, University of London
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Keith Pilbeam is a Professor of International Economics and Finance at City University of London, UK. He obtained his PhD from the European University Institute in Florence (more

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Bitcoin And The Tether Liquidity Risk
We have become increasingly concerned about the relationship between the so called stable coin Tether and whether it is actually being created out of thin air and is really backed by the equivalent in dollar reserves.
Coronavirus And The UK Economy
Despite the UK government lobbing billions of pounds at the problem, millions will lose their jobs and thousands of businesses will go bust. And the poor and the young will bear the brunt.
The Coronavirus Versus The Economy
Well, the coronavirus is in full swing and most governments short term reaction has been to shutdown large parts of the economy.
How To Handle The Coronacrisis Some Economic Policy Suggestions
We have to understand that the coronavirus is a transitory shock but with medium to long tem impacts as well as somewhat dire short term impact.
The VIX Index Is Through The Roof
The truth is there is much more pain in the real economy to come.
The Coronavirus An Economic Perspective!
Italy is close to virtually closing down its economy for a few weeks. The Chinese economy is also functioning well below capacity and it is the world's second-biggest economy.
Brexiteers Enjoy Your Brexit - The Joy Will Not Last Long
Those who pushed for Brexit can now rejoice, but the reality is they are going to have to deliver on their promises or the people twill soon turn on them. The truth is there will be hard times ahead...
The Cost Of Brexit
Since the resounding "win" for Boris Johnson in the election, it is now certain that the UK will leave the EU on 31 January 2020.
Brexit Train Wreck Being Exposed - Theresa May Is Unfit For Office
As we approach the Brexit day deadline of March 29th, it is now clear that Theresa May is trying to blackmail parliament into accepting her deal or risk a "no deal" Brexit.
Brexit – The Reality Check Is Coming While The Brexit Clock Is Ticking
May’s current plan is for the UK to have a transition period till December 2020 when the UK essentially stays in the EU with no say in the decision-making process.
Tesla And Making Money Out Of Thin Air
Musk added around $6 billion to his company's valuation yesterday with his tweet, so we can call it the $6 billion tweet.
The Growth Of Shadow Banking
The shadow banking system is a relatively new term, its first use is attrib­uted to Paul McCulley of PIMCO in a speech of 2007.
Bitcoin As A "Rational Bubble"
The concept of a rational bubble has direct applicability to Bitcoin.
A Large Bill Is Better Than No Deal
Theresa May is still looking for a bespoke deal whereby the UK can have its cake and eat it too. That is, to get free trade in goods and services with the EU and be free to strike trade deals and control immigration without large payments.
Tick Tock The Brexit Clock
Yes the Brexit clock is ticking away...on April 1, 2019 UK will become the world's biggest fool unless an agreement to withdraw article 50 is handed in or some sort of transitional deal is negotiated.
Crypto Currencies And Initial Coin Offerings
There are a few crypto currencies that will probably survive over the longer term because they have a good ecosystem and a critical mass of adopters.
1 to 16 of 55 Posts
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