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I critically analyze and evaluate sustainable energy initiatives from the perspective of a Devils's Advocate. My goal is to identify flawed assumptions and hidden risks and help clients develop strategies to mitigate risk, ensure the return of capital, and maximize the return on ... more

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EC Oil Drove Recovery
Over the last decade, the oil industry converted $1.2 trillion of import spending into GDP while saving US energy consumers another $2.4 trillion.
The Regulatory Roaches In Tesla’s ZEV Credit Soup
While last Wednesday’s article described a potential ZEV and GHG banquet for Tesla longs in Q2 and Q4, my discovery of the pending EPA-NHTSA rulemaking is the gustatory equivalent of roaches in the soup.
Is Tesla Counting On A Billion Dollar Regulatory Credit Bonanza?
Since inception, Tesla has generated over $1.4 billion in incremental revenue from sales of ZEV and GHG Credits.
E Tesla’s Cobalt Blues; Growth Fallacies And Supply Chain Risque Majeure
Without rock-solid battery material supply chains, Tesla’s gigafactory is a $5 billion boondoggle with no alternative utility. Pretending that precarious cobalt supply chains are a non-issue is irresponsible.
E Tesla’s Cobalt Blues; Spin, Fake News Or Deception?
Tesla is very concerned that cobalt will become an insurmountable barrier to growth. Institutional investors are becoming increasingly unwilling to feed Tesla’s insatiable appetite for capital.
A Day Will Come When Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Is Practical, But It Is Not This Day
Over the last five years, dozens of companies have launched stationary battery systems for residential and commercial use. While the hype level has been high, the market’s response has been tepid if not cool.
1 to 6 of 6 Posts