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Principal at Pacific Management Consulting Group, Restaurant Analyst and Management Consultant

John A. Gordon is Principal and Founder of Pacific Management Consulting Group, an independent restaurant analyst providing research and niche earnings analysis, management consulting and advisory expertise to those who need to know ... more

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3 hours ago
$CMG CFO....positive on delivery net net but percentage margin lower than in house guest. New stores opening well. #ICRConference2019
6 hours ago
$CMG at #ICRConference2019: we could get to a all digital all pickup #restaurant with no line...
6 hours ago
#restaurant zors get paid off the top line, zees get paid off the bottom line...basic #restaurant truism...RT : F…
7 hours ago
$CMG CEO at #ICRConference2019: "We don't need to do LTOS to be visible and communicate our brand identity" #restaurants #chipotle
8 hours ago
Seems no activist bump occurred $JACK - Jana Partners lightend up on Jack In The Box
1 day ago
More $DRI....we don't believe delivery incrementality, 3rd party websites poor, guest satisfaction for delivery pro…
1 day ago
$DRI CEO at #ICRConference2019: will build locations to block out others, then will raise the sales base to offset…
1 day ago
Ruth Chris (RUTH) CEO at #ICRconference2019: "the tip of our spear is not financial engineering.
1 day ago
$KONA breakout here at ICR Confab will be interesting... RT Kona Grill’s quick fall from grace