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John Del Vecchio is an editor at Dent Research and the author of Rule of 72: How to Compound Your Money and Uncover Hidden Stock Profits and What’s Behind The Numbers: A Guide To Exposing Financial Chicanery And Avoiding Huge Losses In Your Portfolio, John is a forensic accountant at ... more


The Earnrnings Mirage
Earnings season is underway, and the path to quick profits (or losses) is right in front of us.
Blockchain Is The Grownup In The Crypto Playroom
Blockchain technology is a digital ledger that can record transactions. It’s incorruptible, with the information dispersed across its network and no single point of failure. These characteristics make the blockchain incredibly valuable.
The Yellow Brick-And-Mortar Road To Profits
Retailers have been hammered in recent times, as you know. It really is ugly out there, but ugly stocks can make for beautiful investments.
What’s Behind Our Upside-Down Bizarro World?
It’s earnings season, and that means plenty of opportunities to make or lose money based on whether companies beat or miss expectations and how investors react to future guidance.
Two Simple Steps To Beat U.S. Stocks
As investors, we feel most comfortable buying the stocks of “our own” domestic companies. And we routinely under-allocate to foreign stocks.
Why You Need To Know About “Pro Forma” Versus GAAP Earnings
More and more companies are resorting to “pro forma” results versus Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). By 2015, GAAP profits were 25% below “pro forma” results. That’s the largest disparity since the bull market began.


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Work Experience

Dent Research
January 2015 - Present (7 years 10 months)

Editor of the Forensic Investor newsletter.

What's Behind the Numbers?
October 2012 - Present (10 years 1 month)

(McGraw-Hill, 2012). Stock Trader Almanac book of the year 2013.

Parabolix Research, Inc.
April 2010 - Present (12 years 8 months)

Develop tools to assess quality of earnings in public companies. Creator of the Price / Earnings Quality ratio. Previously risk management and consultant to institutional investors.

Portfolio Manager
Ranger Alternative Management, LP
August 2007 - Present (15 years 4 months)
Ranger Alternative Management, LP (Ranger Equity Bear ETF NYSE: HDGE)
August 2007 - Present (15 years 4 months)

Co-Manager of the AdvisorShares Ranger Equity Bear ETF (NYSE: HDGE). Previously, a short only hedge fund managed at Ranger Capital Group in Dallas, TX. Short only exchange traded fund using forensic accounting to analyze earnings quality. Tactical management used by co-manager in sizing positions / timing.

David W. Tice & Associates
December 2002 - July 2007 (4 years 8 months)

Analyst for David W. Tice & Associates focusing on short positions in technology and consumer sectors.


Bryant College
1994 / 1997
Finance. Summa Cum Laude


What's Behind the Numbers?: A Guide to Exposing Financial Chicanery and Avoiding Huge Losses in Your Portfolio
John Del Vecchio
McGraw-Hill Education

Companies are under more pressure than ever to “beat by a penny,” but you don’t need to be a forensic accountant to uncover where the spin ends and the truth begins. You too can avoid losing a chunk of your portfolio when the next overhyped growth stock fails.

Investing experts mix a potent combination of earnings quality analysis, long-side investing, and short-side portfolio risk management to help you create a long-short portfolio with less volatility and greater returns, while avoiding landmine stocks that will blow a hole in your financial security.

The authors explain the practical side of financial analysis. They demystify widely held assumptions about stock performance, expected returns, earnings quality, and short sellers. Then they comb the financial statements to find the places where companies hide poor earnings quality. Finally, they provide the value and special situations investing to pair with the short-side thinking.