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The Crypto Bull Market Is Just Getting Started
9 days ago

The video referred to at the end of the article can be found on this page:

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Is Litecoin Just A Testnet For Bitcoin Or A Vastly Undervalued Cryptocurrency?
4 years ago

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Is Litecoin Just A Testnet For Bitcoin Or A Vastly Undervalued Cryptocurrency?
4 years ago

Litecoin tends to adopt and test new technologies before Bitcoin. Segwit, Lightning and now confidential transactions, MW, privacy features, scaling tech, etc. After Litecoin shows it can work, Bitcoin adopts the tech at a later date.

In this article: BITCOMP, LTC-X
Energy Focus (EFOI) Looks Oversold, Ready To Bounce
8 years ago

Stock is up 35% today and has nearly doubled since this article was published! Get our picks before they rally here:

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Gold And Gold Stocks – How To Recognize An Emerging Bull Market
8 years ago

Gold has broken upwards through the 200-day moving average of $1176, adding to the bullish thesis.

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Legal Marijuana Startups Continue Booming
8 years ago

My top pick in the cannabis space is TURV. Just started accruing lease revenue or largest greenhouse grow ops in U.S. Check them out here:

5 Top Performing Stocks To Buy
8 years ago

Nice write up and some exciting stocks in there

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Your Right To Invest In Startups
8 years ago

you are correct, i overlooked that first sentence. sorry about that. cheers.

Your Right To Invest In Startups
8 years ago

"Your Right"???? I think it should be "You're Right" as in You Are Right.

Gold Vs Gold Stocks: Bullish Anomaly Developing?
9 years ago

Well, I find it rude that after I spent hours on research and analysis and provided the info for free, a reader complains about possibly having to read a few lines of promotional material on my site. It is par for the course to see an ad or promotional material on a site providing desired information for free. But to request that I send her stock picks because she "doesn't like having to go to your site (and probably subjecting myself to a sales pitch)" is a little rich. And no Kate, taking a second to follow or click on a share button is not a fair exchange of value for all of the time it takes to identify the best in breed mining stocks amongst a field of hundreds of companies.

But since you weren't rude Wendell, other than calling me 'guy', here are some of the top mining stocks to look into: GG, ABX, YAM, NEM. A better business model and usually better returns can be had from streamers or royalty stocks such as SLW, FNV, RGLD. They make an upfront payment for a % of future production or revenue. Diversified exposure is possible via an ETF like GDX or GDXJ.

Best of luck!

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