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CEO of The Informed Trader, former radio and television personality, columnist, visionary and speaker for hire, proud dad and husband and takes a stand for the small trader.

Jack Steiman is an expert in institutional and investor market and stock technical analysis.


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DB News Hits Market; Nothing From Nothing Yet; Debate This Evening
The bottom line is the market has bored us overall for two-plus years, and, sadly, is showing no signs of letting up. The greatest disconnect in market history continues onward.
Unwinding; Still Nowhere Big Picture
The market gapped down a little bit and spent the day below the flat line.
Gutless Fed Bails On A Rate Hike Yet Again
So, what next? Hard to say. We can look back at the market for what it has been and guess about the future.
Expanded Zone Of Importance; Bears Do What They Do Best
On Friday we had one those gigantic down days we see every so often on big volume and a horrendous advance decline line. The type of move off a top that almost always leads to more immediate downside.
Germany Slowing Further; S&P 500 Monthly Trend Line Hit And Reversal
The S&P gap down we saw today was quite powerful. A negative divergence can be in place for weeks or months before the right candlestick hits and carries it appreciably lower.
Yellen Plays Both Sides Again; Market Doesn't Trust Her
The market had spent weeks ahead of the Jackson Hole, Wyoming speech by Yellen before making any type of move that included some volatility and a try higher with some force. The thinking was different depending on who you asked.
Flat Session, Still No Blast-Off
There is really almost nothing to say with this market these days. Lower volatility is keeping things under wrap while the market tries hard to unwind but the problem is the flat market really isn't allowing for too much unwinding.
The Nasdaq Testing All Time High This Week As We Print A Doji Candlestick; Europe Plays Catch Up
This morning the market waited on a very important economic report on retail sales throughout the country. Some real optimism abounded. Expectations were for +0.4% of an increase month over month.
Dow And SP 500 Flags Clear To The Upside; Jobs Report The Impetus To The Breakout
In the very recent past we experienced a poor durable good report along with a poor Ism manufacturing report and weak GDP. This put a lot of doubt in today's jobs report.
Durable Goods; GDP Q2 And Q1 Disasters; Market Smiles
Bad news on its own doesn't have any effect on how the market trades. The up trend remains in place.
Unwinding; Nothing Bearish; Fed On Deck
Can you believe it! The market pulled back for a whole day. Who knows, it may do two days in a row. You never know. It's not unusual for a market or a stock to come back and test the level from which it broke out. In this case it's S&P 500 2134.
Weekly Charts Continue On Breakout; The Nasdaq Joining In
The weekly charts show the breakout did continue onward. Not a resounding move higher but up nonetheless. It's important for the bulls to put some distance so when we get too overbought it'll be easier to hold the 2100 Sp breakout level.
Status Quo; Bulls In Complete Control
A chart was shown today between gap earnings and the movement of the S&P 500 500. The last time the gap was this disconnected was in 2007, the year before the big market crash. Will history repeat itself?
Volatility Falling; Understanding Froth
For quite a long time, many, many months, the VIX kept finding closing support at 13.00 or higher. We would see some intraday spiked in to the 12's, but ultimately we would find a reading that closed above 13.00.
Understanding The Bull After Fink Speaks
This has been one crazy market for quite some time now. The endless overall up trend has been with us for seven plus years.
Breakout Imminent... 10-Year Treasury Bond At All-Time Low. Explains The Bull Market
We have been going nowhere for a couple of years. Within that process the emotions of all traders were tested over and over.
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