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Lead Researcher at Institute for the Geospheres' Dynamics, Russian Academy of Sciences
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I am a Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Lead Researcher at the Institute for the Geospheres' Dynamics, Russian Academy of Sciences. Founding member of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality.

Published three monographs in economics and finances:

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What Do We Need To Overcome The Next Pandemic?
The current COVID-19 pandemic has taken hundreds of thousands of lives and ruined economies. Authorities and societies are not prepared at all.
Can Socio-Capitalism Be An Alternative To Socialism And Capitalism?
There were two competing ideologies since the 19th century - capitalism and socialism.
Time Of Financial Marauders
At the beginning of June 2020, the total US market capitalization was around 150% of the nominal US GDP. This level is to the top 160% in February 2020.
Why So Many People Lost Jobs - Overexploitation
One number strikes most - the rate of participation in the labor force dropped to the level of the earlier 60s (60.2%) and much larger unemployment problems for females.
Covid-19 And Progress In Economic Theory
Even the largest 2008 economic crisis did not give any clear understanding of the actual economic reasons causing the slump. This is likely due to the dominance of endogenous factors of the economic crises.
The Labor Income Share Plummets
One needs just one graph to understand the increasing stress in US society.
The European Union Creates Economic And Social Conditions For Disintegration Of Mid-Sized Member States
The most recent referendums in Spain and Italy is a clear signal that mid-sized European economies are subject to disintegration because their nation-states give no benefits anymore to their most developed parts.
On Decreasing Rate Of Economic Growth In The USA
There are numerous plots demonstrating the decelerating rate of real economic growth in developed countries. The long-term component of real GDP increase is very simple.
Recession May Hit New Zealand In 2017; But At A Five-Year Horizon, Real Economic Growth Is About 2% Per Year
As predicted in 2009, in the next few years the growth rate will be increasing, except a deep fall in 2017, as we also expect in the USA.
As We Predicted In 2010, A Longer Deflation Period Has Started In Australia
The Australian economy is in the beginning of a long deflation period with an elevated unemployment. The reason behind these processes is the same as in Japan – falling labor force.
In The Long Run, The Rate Of Unemployment In Canada Will Be Growing. A Four Year Update
This is a four-year update for Canada. The model prediction is getting better and better!
The Okun's Integral Law For Australia Revisited
The rate of unemployment depends on the cumulative change in real GDP per capita, as relationship implies. To reduce the rate of unemployment in Australia, the rate of GDP (real per capita) growth must be above 1.7% per year.
In 2008, We Accurately Predicted The Evolution Of The Unemployment Rate In Italy
The unemployment rate in 2015 was 12.0%. For 2016, the rate was 11.6%.
Have A Happy 2017 Recession
Is this going to be a year of recession?
Food Will Be Getting Cheaper During The Next Decade
For an investor dealing with commodities, the index of food, which is growing at a rate lower than the core CPI, is an important reference for any action.
Oil Will Not Rise During The Next 15 Years
The oil trend is now positive and is likely approaching the mid-point of the linear segment.
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