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Invest in MJ is the leading source of investor information on the medical marijuana and cannabis sector.  You will find the latest investment related topics about the marijuana sector including industry news, company information and press releases, blogs, discussions and articles by ... more

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E Overview Of Emerald Health Therapeutics, A Growing Cannabis Producer In Canada
As Canada moves towards legalization, next year should be an exciting time for investors in the cannabis industry. Here we look at Emerald Health Therapeutics, a licensed producer in Canada with interesting growth prospects.
E Interview With Vitality Biopharma Inc.
We recently had the pleasure to speak to Robert Brooke, the CEO of Vitality Biopharma, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company focused on cannabis based medical drugs, and their recent R&D breakthrough for those suffering from IBD & Crohn's Disease.
Cannabis In Canada Market Overview October 2016
The Canadian cannabis sector continues to be blazing hot over the last year, especially in the last 2 months. There is a clear breakout above overhead resistance, and this means we are in a new bull market for cannabis stocks in Canada.
Cannabis In Canada Update, August 2016
Licensed cannabis producers in Canada have seen great appreciation in stock prices over the last few months. Now what? Is it time to sell, hold or buy more?
E 2016 Outlook For Cannabis Sector
Invest In MJ predictions for 2016 on the medical marijuana and hemp sector. This is based on the Canadian MJ sector experience during the elections and how the US listed companies could trade leading up to the US elections.
Investing In The Marijuana Sector - SmallCap Investor Interview
Video Interview: Vin Maru speaks with Joe Brunner from SmallCap Investor and IRW-Press about the global legal cannabis market, how investors can participate and the general outlook of the marijuana industry.
E Interview With Doug Leighton From Dutchess Capital
Doug Leighton shares his thought about investing in the legal marijuana industry, what opportunities he sees in the sector and what he looks for before making an investment with entrepreneurs or established companies.
E How Accredited Investors Should Follow The Marijuana Trend
An article on how accredited investors should participate in investment opportunities in the legal cannabis industry and how the average investor can follow the professional money managers strategy for investments in MJ.
1 to 8 of 8 Posts