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How To Get A 40% Annual Yield For Monthly Income
As income investors, we are constantly seeking investments to secure income for our portfolios. The majority seek dividend through income stocks.
Do You Know "Moneyness" In Options Trading
Stock option strike prices fall into the three categories, depending on their relationship to the stock’s price (known as the “money”). This relationship to the “money” is known as moneyness.
Stocks And Options: Similarities And Differences
There are both similarities and differences between stocks and options. Some think of options as a stock substitute which is correct in some cases. However, it is important to know the differences as you include both in your investing plan.
How To Trade Options Primer
Many investors ask about the terminology of options and the difference between types of options. Here I share some background o the fundamentals of option trading.
Covered Calls For Life
There are several styles of covered call writing. Some investors never do more than write calls on their portfolio stocks; that can be an art within itself.
Covered Calls For Income Investing
Why don’t more people write covered calls? There are numerous reasons. The general population is unaware such investment exists.
How To Use Covered Calls In A Volatile Market
While the market has increased volatility due to the tariffs, inverted yield curve and continued political forces, investors need to find a safe place. Here, we look at covered calls to give us some downside protection while producing monthly income.
Why Buy And Hold Investing Doesn’t Work For All
You may have heard the old adage that the best way to make a small fortune is to invest a large fortune. Another one is that the most difficult time to invest is always now.
Where To Find High Yield Dividends In A Low Yield Environment
Income investors continue to be pulled down as the trend on interest rates are affecting their ability to earn income.
Are You Prepared For Retirement?
According to a recent survey of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by LendEDU, retirement is one of the top priorities for Americans… But more than a third don’t think they’ll achieve it.
How To Use Moving Averages In Covered Call Selection
The definition of a moving average is the average of the stocks closing price over a period of time. As a new closing price is made, it is added to the calculation and the oldest closing price is removed from the calculation.
Should You Sell Covered Calls In An Up Market?
So the stock market is up and at record highs, should you still sell covered calls? Here are six reasons why you may want to consider selling covered calls in a rising market.
A 20% Dividend Yield From Small Caps With Monthly Dividends
Small-caps have been on a tear in Q2 clearly outperforming its larger counterparts.
How To Get Started With Writing Calls
Once you understand the principles of writing options, you must determine what stock to purchase. Here's what I suggest...
Investing Wisdom From Warren Buffett
In his essay for “Getting There,” Warren Buffett elaborates on a message that he thinks “is very important to get across to younger people."
How To Retire Rich – Master The Money Game
Retiring rich may be more possible than you think.
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