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Historian and Scholar of the Energy Industry and Western Involvement in the Middle East
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Ellen R. Wald, Ph.D. is an Adjunct Professor of Social Science at Jacksonville University. She is also a historian and scholar of the global energy industry and Western involvement in the Middle East.  She consults for financial institutions and public relations firms about energy ... more

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Recognize The Value Of North American Energy Trade
When Americans hear talk of oil imports and energy trade we cannot help but think of the Middle East. For those of a certain vintage, the Arab oil crises of the 1970s left an indelible imprint. But perception is often not reality.
Saudi And Russian Crude Oil Exports To China
Graphs of Saudi Arabia and Russia’s oil exports to China from January 2015 to July 2016 reveal that Russian oil exports recently outpaced Saudi exports.
Saudi Aramco To Expand Presence In U.S.
The Motiva refinery is the leading contender to purchase the Lyondell Basell Industries refinery in Houston. Motiva is the largest refinery in the U.S. and was, until recently, co-owned by Saudi Aramco and Shell.
Navigating OPEC’s Oil Market Manipulation
Last week, Saudi Arabia and Russia caused a spike in oil prices at the G20 summit. Oil ministers from the two countries met privately on the sidelines of the meeting to discuss stabilizing the oil market.
OPEC Games The Speculators
Speculators act on OPEC’s every word, but what happens when OPEC manipulates the speculators? Tuesday’s oil market has proven, once again, that OPEC can play the speculators ‘ game too.
EC Another Oil Freeze Fiasco?
As usual, any time someone in OPEC says anything about freezing production, hungry speculators push up the price of oil. They did the same on Monday.
Don’t Feed The Bears
India seems poised to take China’s place as the fastest growing oil consumer, there are important signs that Indian growth might come more slowly than previously expected.
HH Turkey – An Unstable Energy Hub
Friday night’s attempted coup in Turkey revealed just how sensitive the oil market is to geopolitical incidents right now. Both WTI and Brent futures rose around 1% as events unfolded in Turkey, even though Turkey is not a major oil producer.
Oil’s Slide Is No Joke
At the end of last week, the price of oil suddenly dropped 5%. This slide comes on the heels of news that crude oil stockpiles in the United States did not fall enough – only 2.2 million barrels during the week of July 1.
Crude Oil & Gasoline Stocks: A Look Ahead
According to the EIA, the United States has drawn down more than 4 million barrels from its record high stocks. The price of oil, which was down around $46.00 a barrel during the height of Brexit panic, is back up to around $50 a barrel.
Brexit Wins, Now What For Oil?
The drop in oil prices will not likely last for long. Crude oil futures are down more than 5%, hovering back and forth around $47.00 a barrel.
Low Oil Prices Threaten Panama Canal
The Panama Canal expansion project is complete after nine years. It is opening for traffic on June 26. The canal added a third lane that can accommodate larger ships – although not the largest currently in use.
Brexit Down? Oil Up
Where will oil markets go if Britain votes to leave the European Union (Brexit)? The consensus seems to be that if Britain decides to stay in the EU, the price of oil will follow stock markets and climb.
Oil’s Climb: Putting On The Breaks
Analysts are conflicted over whether oil’s latest climb (now hovering just under $49/barrel) is simply a result of temporary production disruptions or whether the glut is fundamentally easing.
3 Factors Affecting Short & Long Term Oil Demand
American gasoline consumption has risen at a rate faster then any year since 1978, partially fueled by an uptick in sales of large “gas-guzzling” vehicles and positive employment data.
OPEC Meeting Ends No Oil Production Policy
OPEC concluded its 169th meeting today in Vienna, without making any changes to its oil production policy.
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