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I am the owner and founder of WealthTrace, which provides web-based financial planning software to both financial advisors and consumers.. I have over 20 years of experience in the financial markets and I am a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). I hold a masters degree in Economics from Miami ... more


What GameStop Reminds Us
Let me get this straight. A currency created as a joke and that you can't buy anything with has run up 500% in the first few months of the year?
What Do We Do Now?
Nobody likes to go through bear markets, recessions, crashes, but they're just part of the deal if you're going to be an investor. So you may as well make the best of it, which can mean using it as an opportunity.
E Reasons To Invest In Dividend Payers For Retirement
When investing for retirement when one is younger, it makes sense not only to take more risk in the stock market, but to invest more in growth stocks rather than value stocks that pay a higher dividend.
Watch Out For High Fund Fees
It's hard to believe that a year has gone by since Vanguard founder Jack Bogle died. It is also hard to overstate Vanguard's impact on the investing landscape in the U.S.
What To Do When Retirement Is Near
Where are you on the retirement timeline? If you're in the early years of your career, you may have barely given it a thought other than to regularly contribute to your retirement accounts.
Do You Need An Annuity For Retirement?
The even-more-ridiculously-acronymed-than-usual SECURE Act (that's Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) has made it through the House of Representatives.


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Dividend Payouts Keep Breaking Records
For the first time in at least 15 years, no S&P 500 company cut its dividend in the first quarter. A lot of this has to do with lower corporate tax rates, which now top out at 21% instead of 35%.
Converting To A Roth IRA Could Be A Great Move
Using the publicly available WealthTrace Financial Planner, you can enter your spending, saving, and investment information, and then use the Roth IRA Conversion tool to see what might happen if you converted your traditional IRA to a Roth.
Preparing For Retirement While In Your 40s
Crossing the 40 line shouldn't mean any wholesale changes to your strategy should be needed. As long as your risk tolerance and life goals are about the same as before, just keep checking your financial plan periodically.

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