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My entire career has been spent in industry within the finance and accounting realm. My career started in 1985 and has included exposure to implementing SFASs; business and financial analysis; mergers and acquisitions; designing and implementing financial systems; and regulatory reporting. ... more

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The Fed Has No Cred: Buy These 4 Big Dividend Stocks Now
No June rate increase from the Federal Reserve, July looks out, and now one Fed governor says it’s possible there will only be one between now and 2018.
8 Dividend Stocks Heating Up Their Yields
When selecting dividend growth stocks, one of the most important items is consistency in raising dividends. Sure it's easy to increase dividends when business is good, but a company has to persevere and continue to increase dividends in tough times.
7 Stocks Providing A Growing Income With Increased Dividends
There are many valid ways to successfully build long-term wealth. Dividend growth stocks have provided investors financial security for decades. Below are some companies that understand the importance of growing their cash.
7 Stocks Delivering Higher Cash Dividends
If you follow the mainstream financial media too closely, it can leave you wondering if there is any good news out there. There are many great companies committed to superior returns and rewarding their shareholders by increasing cash dividends.
12 Stocks Delivering More Cash With Higher Dividends
Many Americans are worried that they might not have enough money for retirement. Quality low-risk dividend growth stocks make an excellent addition to our retirement portfolio. Below are several companies raising their dividends.
11 Stocks Building Value With Higher Dividends
When building retirement income, look for stocks that have consistently increased their dividends for many consecutive years, building future gratification with higher cash dividends.
12 Stocks Building A Comfortable Retirement With Higher Dividends
Real wealth is built with sweat equity and a sound financial plan. A long-term buy-and-hold investing approach focusing on quality dividend growth stocks has provided the means for many investors to enjoy a comfortable retirement.
10 Big-Name Stocks Raising The Bar With Higher Dividends
Have you ever noticed those that most vehemently attack a buy-and-hold strategy really don't understand how the strategy works? They confuse a buy-and-hold strategy with day trading with a longer duration.
11 Confident And Secure Companies Boosting Dividends
Doubt is the gateway to destructive behavior. For me, dividend growth investing is what I am confident and secure in. Below are several companies confident and secure enough in their business to increase their cash dividends:
12 Stocks Increasing Shareholder Wealth With Higher Dividends
A growing dividend is a sign that the company is becoming more valuable. Companies that consistently increase dividends tend to have steadily rising share prices
13 Stocks Enticing Investors With Higher Dividends
An income portfolio consisting of quality dividend growth stocks can not only succeed, but excel during a market downturn. Dividend investors are focused on building a stream of steadily rising income from solid companies.
EC 12 Stocks Raising Dividends And Expectations
When stock prices start dropping, our primal instinct of flight kicks in and we want to sell. In many cases that is the time to be buying. I have one hard and fast rule on selling a dividend stock: When a stock lowers its dividend, immediately sell.
11 Dividend Stocks Raising Payouts And Yields
While everyone else is panicked about their portfolio’s decline, I see a downturn as an incredible buying opportunity. Lower prices, rising yields and growing dividends -- it's hard to beat that combination.
11 Stocks With A Vision Of Higher Dividends
A significant portion of my retirement planning includes dividend growth stocks. Here are a few select companies that have recently followed through on their vision of providing increased cash dividends to their shareholders.
4 Dividend Stocks That Will Make Your Portfolio Blossom
Here are a few dividend-paying stocks that analysts like now: Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Verizon Communications (VZ), Altria Group (MO) and Procter & Gamble Co. (PG)
11 Stocks Building Wealth Through Higher Dividends
What is your greatest wealth building asset? Everyone is born with it. Few realize its importance until they lose most of it. The asset is so priceless it can't be bought. Your most valuable wealth building asset is time.
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