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Dave Fry is founder and publisher of ETF Digest and best selling author of Create Your Own ETF Hedge Fund, A DIY Strategy for Private Wealth Management published by Wiley Finance in 2008. His new eBook,  The Best ETFs: U.S. Equities, A Companion Guide to Building Your ... more

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The Empire Strikes Back!
The Empire strikes back! Or was it just a short squeeze courtesy of Pension Plans?
Between Long-Term Treasury Bonds And Apple, A One-Two Punch
Bond take a hit, and Apple continues to lead the decline.
Time For IBM To Leave The Dow?
IBM has been an earnings disappointment no matter how the bulls spin it.
"Event Risk" - Will Oil Go Poof?
Given the "event risk", gains could go poof like the rockets they came in on.
Will The Bulls Remain Tentative?
Bulls see the market 'coiling' higher. This may well be the case, but volume remains weak.
Bond Investors Confused By Fed
Yep, it's a mess..
End Of Day Rally?
The late-day rally on heavy volume may mean something Monday.
Stocks Rally Off Breach
Stocks rally off breach of 200 day MA. Volume was on the light side comparatively
Cautionary Signal On Powerful Transport Sector ETF (IYT)
After this powerful rally higher Wednesday we could include and highlight many charts. But for simplicity we only need to include the powerful sector leader.
The Buying Stampede
Apparently the pattern of selling into potential problems (Brexit, US and Italian elections) are catalysts for a buying stampede.
IShares U.S. Real Estate ETF
Popular Real Estate ETF has been following markets lower as interest rates have risen negatively affecting yields.
Market Outlook
As we enter the final week of the summer of 2016, this article hosts a list of ETFs with a weekly intermediate term list technical overbought or extended reading of 9.
Mr. Market - The Great Pretender
Weak sectors in markets became strong once again. And this allowed for more sector roulette as sectors renewed the trading places game.
Self-Driving Market
It seems current stock market action reflects markets that are on auto-pilot. Summertime volume remains typically light and action is driven by unusually consistent to-and-fro action pushed by oil market volatility.
There Is No Business Like Show Business!
The GDP Report was released and was surprisingly weak at only 1.2% vs 2.5% expected. Who or which sector to blame this time? Pick one.
Unstoppable Bulls
It seems this bullish trend has plenty of momentum while ignoring any negative news. One issue which had launched the higher trend was a sharp move higher in energy prices but this now has reversed course.
1 to 16 of 152 Posts
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